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  Mission & Vision of MOKO Technology Ltd –China PCB Manufacturer PCB Assembly Service

Mission & Vision -MOKO Technology Ltd PCB Manufacturer , PCB Supplier, PCB Assembly Service  in China- MOKO Technology Ltd

The mission of MOKO Technology Ltd is to be the contract electronics PCB manufacturer and PCB Assembly house of choice in the North American marketplace for companies who desire a business partner with quality production capabilities that can deliver board level, turn-key PCB assembly services on time and at the lowest cost.

To achieve the mission of MOKO Technology Ltd, our management team has developed a set of guiding principles that govern the vision of our company. These vision principles are:

Respectful Relationships
Successful business relationships are a result of personal relationships based on respect. At MOKO Technology Ltd, we believe everyone is a stakeholder of mutual success throughout the supply and value chains. To succeed, our employees, customers and suppliers are very important. The building of successful business relationships starts with our belief in rewarding excellence, an nurturing positive and supportive personal relationships.

Total Quality
Long-term success requires disciplined action on all levels of MOKO Technology Ltd’s organization. Our goal is to flawlessly execute the instructions of our customers with a special attention to even the smallest detail. We strive to continuously improve our manufacturing processes to ensure what we deliver has the seal of total quality.

Personal Responsibility
We are responsible for all actions, tasks or duties on the behalf of our valued customers. This level of responsibility requires each and every team member to take personal accountability for the work they produce.

Disciplined Action
Actions always speak for one’s words. Consistent actions based on honesty and supported by integrity are the bridge for long-term business relationships.

Business Excellence
Striving for business excellence is the ultimate goal of MOKO Technology Ltd. We believe that this excellence begins with a world class customer service team that’s trained to respond politely and quickly to our customer’s needs, remain flexible to the ever changing business climate, and efficiently perform the tasks and responsibilities in the service of our customers.

Team Success
The success of MOKO Technology Ltd depends on teamwork, goal setting, clear communication, and a mutual respect to further the accomplishment of our mission.

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