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  PCBs of MOKO Play very important In Different Industries

Electronics products are integral to every facet of modern day life. Electronics are at the heart of everything from cell phones to kitchen appliances and new electronics products are continually being applied to new applications. These electronics products are invariably based on PCBs which are the foundation on which the vast majority of electronic products are manufactured. PCBs come in a number of different compositions which allow them to serve in a variety of applications. As such PCBs are utilized across a wide array of industries and applications. This article will briefly discuss the various industries that utilize PCBs, with an emphasis on the types of PCBs commonly used in these fields.

PCB Assemby Solutions for Medical Devices Industry

As electronic components become more dense and lower in power consumption a great number of new and exciting medical device applications are being developed. As with other types of electronics medical devices are invariably based on PCBs. Due to the special constraints of medical devices and wearable type devices, creating the smallest and densest design possible is invariably of great importance. For this reason specialty high density PCBs (often referred to as HDI PCB or high density interconnection type PCBs) are commonly used in medical device applications. Additionally, flexible PCBs are also commonly used in medical device applications. Often the ability of a device to flex while being used is integral to its function as a medical device.
Consumer electronics
Consumer electronics are ever present in our daily lives. Considering the time that we spend using cell phones, televisions and computers the impact and utility of consumer electronics is remarkable. The one thing that ties all these products together is their reliance on the use of PCBs in their manufacture. High volume PCBs (with low per unit cost) are used to drive down the price of the electronics they are utilized in and have the added benefit of making the manufacture of the electronics they are used in cheaper and highly uniform.

Industrial Applications

PCBs are also commonly the basis for high power industrial applications. Where current requirements are significantly higher than those seen in standard one ounce copper PCBs, the use of thick copper PCBs can be of great benefit. Examples of high current industrial applications include high power motor controllers, industrial load testers and high current battery chargers. All can benefit from the easy of manufacture that PCBs offer while being able to satisfy the current requirements of their applications by using higher copper weights.

PCB Solution for LED Lighting

LED based lighting solutions are catching on in popularity due to their intrinsic low power consumption and high efficiency. Coincidentally, aluminum backed PCBs are the basis for the majority of high lumen output LED applications and have allowed for the expanded use of low cost LED lighting solutions. Aluminum backed PCBs allow for much higher levels of thermal heat transfer to be achieved within the PCB that the LEDs are mounted to. In this way, Aluminum backed PCBs serve two functions: They allow for the interconnection of the components of the LED design and serve as the design's heat sink. Combining the convenience of a PCB with the thermal characteristics of a heat sink allows for compact and low cost designs.

Automotive and Aerospace
Flexible PCBs are the PCB type of choice for applications where the manufactured PCB will be subject to a great deal of vibration. Aerospace and Automotive applications are just such a high vibration environment. Therefore, flexible PCBs are commonly the basis of automotive and aerospace applications. An additional benefit to the use of flexible PCBs is that they can conform to very tight spaces and are light weight. These characteristics further suggest flexible PCBs as the correct choice in automotive and Aerospace applications. Flexible PCBs once again show that there is a PCB solution for every application.

Clearly PCBs are a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide array of industries. Whatever the application, a PCB can be used as the basis for a cost effective and easy to manufacture solution.

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