Swaar koper PCB

Drawing on our one-stop heavy copper PCB manufacturing services, MOKO provides the best heavy copper PCB at competitive prices.

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Hoë kwaliteit

MOKO has a strict quality control system for each process, from incoming materials to finished products, we apply different inspection methods to ensure their high quality.

Lae kostes

Rely on our stable supply chain, we can get premium components at lower costs, wat meer is, our in-house PCB manufacturing and assembly allow us to control the costs well.

Uitgebreide ervaring

Met ongeveer 16 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, we are well-versed in all types of circuit boards, and we know the standards and regulations of different industries well.

Quick Delivery

We have efficient workflows that can speed up the turnaround time. Intussen, we utilize industry-leading and highly automated equipment for production, which can significantly reduce manufacturing time.

About Heavy Copper PCB

MOKO is 'n Deurgat PCB Assembly Expert

Swaar koper PCB, also named thick-copper PCB, refers to a kind of circuit board that has a copper thickness of more than 2 oz, normally the range of its copper thickness is from 3oz to 14oz. The higher the copper thickness is, the higher the current the PCB can handle. This type of circuit board is manufactured by using special etching and plating methods such as differential etching and step plating. It can handle high current and high power circuits thanks to its great conductivity.

Applications of Heavy Copper PCB

Applications of Heavy Copper PCB

1.Kragtoevoer, beheer omskakelaar
2. Sweisgereedskap of toerusting
3. Motorbedryf
4. Solar board producers, en meer…

Ons sertifisering

MOKO het baie sertifisering verwerf, insluitend ISO9001:2015, ROHS, BSCI, IPC, en UL, wat ons verbintenis tot streng PCB-gehaltebeheer demonstreer.

MOKO’s Heavy Copper PCB Capabilities

1-50 laag
FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 Halogeenvry, CEM-1, CEM-3, Hoë TG, Aluminium
0.2mm tot 7mm
Maks. Klaar bordgrootte
500 x 500mm (20 x 20")
Min. Boorgatgrootte
0.25mm (10eenduisend)
Min. Lynbreedte
Minimum lynafstand
Oppervlak afwerking / Behandeling
NECK / NECK loodvry, Chemiese goud, Chemiese blik, Onderdompeling goud Onderdompeling
Koper Dikte
Max.14 oz
Groen / Swart / Wit / Rooi / Blou / Geel
PTH: ± 0,075, NTPH: ± 0,05

Our Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy Copper PCB One
GSM-bord se oppervlakmontering
Heavy Copper PCB Two
Heavy Copper PCB Three
SMT loT Development Board

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