Inleiding tot nuwe produkte

New product introduction (NPI) services provided by MOKO Technology is reliable and high-efficient, which helps your enterprise improve the market competitiveness.

What is the New Product Introduction?

New product introduction is a process that aims to introduce new products to the market, the process covers from the initial concept, to the prototype and the final products. The product can be some tangible things like automobiles, machines, electronic devices, and it can also be intangible like a system.

New product introduction can expand the product market by creating new a version of the product or converting the form of packaging, which is very helpful to increase sales and market share, and improve the profitability of the enterprises as well. New product introduction makes sure that the competitiveness of the product line by applying the advanced technology, and meets the requirements of the customers better.

Inleiding tot nuwe produkte(NPI) Service at MOKO

MOKO Tegnologie, as an expert in electronic manufacturing services, oor het 10 years of experience in offering comprehensive services and solutions to meet various fabrication needs.We manufacture complex products for different industries, and develop hundreds of new products at all phases of the engineering, design and prototyping process.

MOKO is well-versed in the NPI process to provide the best solution for your products as soon as possible, making sure that our clients can bring products to the market within a short time. We have rich project management experience, professional manufacturing knowledge, and an excellent customer support system, which makes us confident that through our NPI solution, we can quickly put the new products into mass production and ensure their quality under the conditions of high efficiency and lower cost. Tot nou toe, MOKO has helped many customers launch new products successfully, and we are ready for your project now!

Our New Product Introduction Process

Stap 1: Definisie

In hierdie stadium, we will set up a team for the NPI project, and define the role of each member. And figure out the functionality and requirements of the product. Rough ideas and deadlines would be confirmed as well.

Stap 2: Feasibility

This step means to check if the initial design or concept is feasible:

Make a workflow of the product development

Create a model according to the concept by using CAD

Evaluate the concept and marketability, and materials to confirm the best one

Stap 3:Development

In the development phase, ons sal:

Draw sketch based on the concept

Create functional prototype

Make a bill of materials (GOED)

Step4: Validation

In hierdie stap, the prototype would be tested and analyzed to see if the modification is needed to achieve the expected result. Aan die ander kant, the manufacturing process would also be validated to make sure that the final production plan is workable and efficient.

Step5: Vervaardiging

Fabricate the final product and perform a quality control process to guarantee the superior quality

Introduce the product to the market

Step6: Evaluation

In hierdie fase, we would evaluate the whole NPI process and improve in the next run of the NPI process to meet consumers’ needs better.

New Product Introduction Considerations

Life Cycle of Products

We need to take each stage of the product life cycle into consideration and make a comprehensive plan about it. So we can be aware of the potential problems or challenges that would impact the new product introduction.

Material Purchase

Many things should be confirmed at the design stage, as any changes at the last step would cause a significant impact on expenses, especially the material that should be confirmed and purchased earlier to reduce the risk of the fluctuation of the global economy.

Cost and Budget

All members involved in the NPI project should know the goal and budget of the project, and they should follow it at each step such as design, material choosing and manufacturing to ensure that the project can be carried out successfully.


For NPI, it is of vital importance to collect the data and integrate them. To introduce a product to a market successfully, we need to collect the data such as market dynamics, materiaalkoste, demand forecasting.

Cooperation of Different Departments

Different stages of the NPI process involve different departments such as the R&D dept, production dept, QC dept, en so aan. Dus, the cooperation between these departments is very important, which makes sure that all steps can be performed and linked smoothly.

The Advantages of the New Product Introduction

Lower Development Costs

In the design phase, everything including the material, fabrication and assembly is well considered to avoid the postpone or redesign during the following stages. Aan die ander kant, it can reduce the waste of materials or resources that are used for unworkable prototypes.

Kort Omkeertyd

New product introduction helps to speed up the product development cycle and deliver products with a short time to meet customer needs, and the short turnaround time leads to a faster return on investment.

Higher Quality

The feasible design and the strict quality control process can reduce the defects or flaws of the products, and guarantee the high quality of the product.

Kliënt tevredenheid

The new product introduction process enhances the quality and reliability of the products, making sure that the customer can be satisfied with the product.

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