Quality Control & Testing

Committed to Quality

MOKO always puts product quality in the first place, and we have been committed to providing customers with the highest quality electronic manufacturing services for the past 16 jare. We have a sound quality control system, extensive electronic testing expertise, and rich experience to ensure that the electronic products we produce meet industry compliance and standards. Our quality control runs through the entire production process, allowing us to meet or even exceed the quality requirements of our customers.

Electronic Testing Expertise

Our electronic testing engineering team is proficient in electrical and electronic testing and can formulate testing strategies and select testing methods for customers according to different projects, their capabilities range from PCBA testing to entire system reliability testing. We have an independent quality inspection department, and from incoming quality control to production, the whole process is strictly monitored.

Advanced Equipment and Tools

We use advanced equipment and innovative technologies to ensure product quality and reliability, including SMT placement machines, fully automatic solder mask production lines, AOI testers, Flying Probe Electricity testers, ens. Daarbenewens, MOKO uses industry-leading testable design (DFT ) gereedskap, and design and develop test fixtures to meet the testing requirements of different projects.

Ons Dienste

Component &Supplier Management

With a professional procurement team, MOKO only cooperates with trustworthy suppliers, which can avoid counterfeit components and better control quality. Daarbenewens, we provide component availability verification services during the design phase.

Customized Electronic Testing

We provide customers with customized electronic testing services, covering component-level testing, circuit assembly testing, and finished product testing. We specialize in various testing technologies including AOI, in-circuit testing (IKT), funksionele toetsing, ens.

Regulatory Support

We are familiar with the compliance standards of electronic products in different industries and regions, and provide regulatory services for customers to enter the target market smoothly. We can help customers obtain various certifications including CE, RoHS certification, ISO certification, ens.

Testing Capabilities at MOKO

MOKO's strong testing capabilities ensure the high reliability of our products:

Elektriese veiligheidstoetsing
EMC Test
Mechanical Testing - Vibration, Skok, and Drop
FCC Radio Equipment Testing for Wireless and RF Products
Vlieënde sondetoets
X-ray Inspection
Funksionele toets
Reliability Test
Design for Test (DFT) Analise
Sampling Audit

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Our Stringent Quality Control and Testing Ensure the High Quality and Reliability of Your Electronic Products!

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