We Provide the Most Reliable Automotive PCB Assembly Services

MOKO is committed to providing the best automotive PCB Assembly and PCBs by taking advantage of our expertise and rich experience in the automotive industry.

Why Choose Us for Automotive PCB Assembly

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As an expert in automotive PCB, MOKO is always compliant with industry regulations and stringently controls the quality of each automotive PCBA. We are certified to industry certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL standards.

Turnkey Automotive PCB Assembly Services

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

MOKO provides our clients with turnkey automotive PCB assembly services, ranging from PCB designing, and fabrication, to assembly, inspection, and after-market service. Partnering with us can eliminate the troubles of working with different manufacturers and suppliers at different stages.

Professional Team

Professional Team

MOKO is a leading PCB manufacturer in China, with 16 years of experience offering automotive PCB assembly services to worldwide clients. We have a professional team covering engineering, fabrication, and sales that would provide 24/7 service to support our customers.

On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

We apply state-of-the-art equipment, there are 5 SMT and 3 DIP production lines at MOKO, which allows us to assemble PCBs with high efficiency and accuracy. From prototypes, and small batches to high volume production, and everything in between, we can deliver PCBAs on time.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly enable us to control both the cost and quality, our top-notch automated equipment can improve productivity and reduce labor costs, hence, we can offer the most competitive automotive PCB prices to our clients.

Stable Supplier Network

Stable Supplier Network

We have a stable and complete supplier network, which allows us to get superior raw materials and components at lower costs. The automotive industry is affected largely due to the lack of key components like chips, while our reliable suppliers ensure that we can get sufficient materials.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

pcb design icon

Leveraging our expertise and great engineering capabilities, we can help our clients to design various PCBs. Our engineers would work with you closely to understand your project requirements well and offer the best design solution.

Parts Procurement

We can purchase components and materials from your nominated suppliers or our suppliers. We have a stable supplier network that allows us to obtain components and raw materials at a lower cost while maintaining high quality.

PCB Manufacturing icon

We can fabricate a variety of PCBs, including HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flexible PCBs, and so on. Whether it is a single layer, double layer, or multi-layer PCB, we can produce it to the high quality standard.

pcb assembly icon

MOKO has flexible PCB assembly capabilities, we can complete PCB assembly with high efficiency. We provide various assembly services including:

• SMT assembly
• Through-hole assembly
• BGA PCB assembly
• Prototype PCB assembly

PCB Assembly Testing

Before the delivery, we would apply a series of testing to check the quality and function of PCBA, the testing processes include in-circuit testing and 100% functional testing. We perform a visual inspection, automated optical inspection, and automated X-ray inspection.

Our Automotive PCB Assembly Cases

Automotive Air Conditioner PCB Assembly
Automotive Air Conditioner PCBA
Automotive Display PCB Assembly
Automotive Display PCBA
Automotive Sensor PCB Assembly
Automotive Sensor PCBA

Automotive LED PCB Assembly
Automotive LED PCBA

Automotive PCB Assembly Capacities at MOKO

PCB Types
Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCBs. MCPCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rogers PCBs.
Layer Count
We can assemble 1 to 40 layers. (Or according to client requirements)
Surface Finishes
Gold Plated, Lead or Lead-free, OSP, etc.
Assembly Options
You can ask for THT, SMT, hybrid or both. Plus, you can go with single and double-sided placement.
Repair & Rework
Repairing and reworking is a very difficult job. You can still contact our team for a better solution.
SMT Production Capacity
We are capable to produce 10 million chips per day in the case of 5 SMT lines. And, 8 million per day in the case of 0402 and 0201.
DIP Production Capacity
 The company can produce 1.2 million pcs per day for 3 Production Lines.
Enclosure assembly
3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)
Fine pitch assembly
 down to 01005, 0201 size
High accuracy placement
down to 4mil(0.1mm) pitch devices

Our Automotive PCBs Are Widely Used

Automotive LED Lighting
Automotive LED Lighting
Automotive Digital Display
Automotive Digital Display
Automotive Sensor System
Automotive Sensor System

Automotive GPS System
Automotive GPS System
Automotive Security System
Automotive Security System
Audio/video Systems
Audio/video Systems

How to Work with Us

Upload file
1. Send us the Gerber and BOM file.
assess files
2. Our engineers would assess these files to confirm the feasibility of the project and then we will offer a competitive quotation.
place orders
3. Place the order and wait for getting your automotive PCBA on time.
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