PCB d'aluminiu

Why Choose MOKO for Aluminum PCB


MOKO has extensive experience in providing aluminum PCBs to customers in different industries. We are a professional team covering engineering, manifattura, and customer service. As an expert in aluminum PCBs, we can always offer the best solution based on your project requirements.

Assicuranza di a Qualità

Assicuranza di a Qualità

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly ensure the high quality of each aluminum PCB. We have stringent quality control processes, before delivery, all PCBs would go through a series of inspections and tests including automatic optical inspection, x-ray inspection, and functional test. Working with us can save you from quality problems.

Turnaround veloce

MOKO manufactures aluminum PCBs using industry-leading technology and cutting-edge equipment that dramatically increases productivity, from prototyping to low-volume, pruduzzione altu vulume, è tuttu in trà, we can deliver products in a fast turnaround. Inoltre, we work with reliable shipping companies to ensure on-time delivery.

Aluminum PCB Cases at MOKO

LED aluminum PCB
LED aluminum PCB
Smoke detector aluminum PCB
aluminum PCB for alarm
Aluminum PCB for alarm

Capacità PCB di Aluminium di a Tecnulugia MOKO

1-50 stratu
Materiale PCB
FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 Senza Alogeni, CEM-1, CEM-3, Altezza TG, Aluminium
Spessore di u Cunsigliu
0.2mm à 7mm
Max. Dimensione di u Cunsigliu Finitu
500mm * 500mm
Min. Dimensione di u foru foratu
Min. Larghezza di Linea
Finitura superficiale
NECK / NECK senza piombu, Oru Chimicu, Stagnu chimicu, Immersione d'oru Immersione
Spessore di ramu
0.5 à 4.0oz
Maschera di Saldatura Culore
Neru / Biancu / Verde / Turchinu / Ghjallu / rossu
Tulleranza à u Bucu
PTH: ± 0,075, NTPH: ± 0,05

Applications of Aluminum PCB

Aluminum printed circuit boards are among the most broadly and ordinarily utilized PCB. The application areas for aluminum printed circuit board includes:

  • Surgical Lighting Tools
  • Scanners d'alta putenza
  • Electronic Control
  • Sistemi di Trasmissione di Potenza
  • Automotive Dashboards
  • Power Modules
  • Interior Lighting
  • Audio Equipments
  • Landscape Lighting

Le nostre Certificazioni

MOKO hà ottenutu parechje certificazioni cumprese ISO9001:2015, ROHS, BSCI, IPC, è UL, which demonstrates our commitment to stringent PCB quality control.

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