Assemblea di cablaggi è cavi

We provide standard and custom cable wire harness assembly services that increase the performance and productivity of your application.

È MOKO, avemu 16 anni di sperienza chì furniscenu assemblee di cavi è imbracature persunalizate di a più alta qualità à clienti di alta tecnulugia in u mondu sanu. We use various processes such as manufacturing, ultrasonic welding, and injection molding to provide excellent products and services, from simple to complex cable and harness assemblies, from prototypes to turnkey services, we can always meet the various needs of our customers. We have an excellent team to assist you in real-time and effective communication, speeding up the entire assembly process and time to market.

One-stop Cable &Wire Harness Assembly Services

Design and Engineering

We used AutoCAD to develop product concepts with assembly layouts and can provide prototypes to solve any problems not found in the design stage.

Component Sourcing

MOKO has a complete supplier network that allows us to source high-quality components at the most competitive cost.

Cable &Wire Harness Assembly

With cutting-edge technology and highly qualified engineering and production staff, we can assemble a wide variety of cable and wire harness assemblies, da simplice à cumplessu.

Testing and Inspection

We provide reliable testing services including 100% prova di continuità, break test, matching harness test fixture for production harness, multiple harness combination resistance, and withstand voltage test.

I nostri capacità

• Offer discrete cable and wiring harness assembly for a variety of cable types, cumpresu nastro pianu, RF, cavi ottichi è multiconduttori.
• Automated wire capabilities include cutting, stripping, terminating, splicing and welding.
• Provide integration of various wire and cable types and reverse engineering service
• Provide a wide range of assembly options and prefabrication of wire harness assemblies
• All industry knowledge and expertise in cabling and harness solutions
• In-line wire and cable marking

Committed to Quality

In the whole wire harness and cable assembly process, we use a strict quality management system to closely monitor every link. Whether it is the design, custruzzione, or assembly process, we are constantly checking to ensure the reliability and functionality of the product. Our rigorous testing and quality control measures allow all of our products to meet ISO 9001 standard, more important, we can always create cable and harness assemblies to our customersexact design specifications.

Applications & Use Cases

Medical Equipment Cable &Assemblea di Cablu di Filu
Medical Equipment
Telecommunication Cable &Arnesi di Filu
Automotive Cable &Assemblea di Cablu di Filu
Electronics Cable &Assemblea di Cablu di Filu

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