Consignment PCB Assembly Services

Conjunto de PCB de consignación

The client provides the necessary components in the consignment PCB assembly process. sin embargo, the vendor handles the assembly and fabrication process on behalf of the clients.
When to go with this option:
It seems reasonable to go with the consignment PCB assembly process if you manufacture expensive products having exclusive parts. This will ensure that your product is not replicated and yet the manufacturing process stays cost-effective.

Partial Consignment PCB Assembly

The partial consignment PCB assembly is a viable alternative to full consignment PCB assembly. En este proceso, the client may supply some of the parts needed for manufacturing the PCB. sin embargo, the vendor will furnish the rest.
When to go with this option:
This is a viable option if you are only able to find some of the parts for your PCB or if you lack manufacturing capacity. It is also a good choice if you want components for your PCB to have better quality.

The Demand of Consignment PCB Assembly Services

Consignment PCB Assembly services are in high demand because they have a lot of advantages. Entonces, here are some of these benefits,
1. Quality Control
The customer procures some or all of the components. Por lo tanto, the customer can exercise quality control and ensure that the PCBs are of premium quality.
2. Mass production
If you lack the manufacturing setup then it is a great option for you. This is because it will allow for convenient mass production.
3. Reduced Turnover Times
Most manufacturers offer automated production lines. Por lo tanto, the turnover time tends to reduce significantly compared to if you manufactured on your own.
4. Reduced Manufacturing Costs
It allows customers to outsource operational personnel and labor. Adicionalmente, no capital is required. Por lo tanto, it reduces the overall manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Consignment PCB Assembly Services from MOKO Technology?

1. Superior Consigned PCB Assembly Services

  • MOKO Technology is a renowned name in the PCB industry and we have decades of experience in PCB manufacturing.
  • We offer Highly Competitive Prices. Entonces, it will tend to reduce your overall manufacturing costs.
  • Our company will provide customized PCB assembly as per your needs.
  • MOKO Technology only those parts which meet our high standards and are from reputable sources.
  • MOKO Technology Offers Custom Testing, Programación IC, and DFM checking. Entonces, you won’t have to worry about the functionality and performance standards of your boards.

2. Certification and Equipment

  • Trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con el laboratorio SGS y UL para proporcionar UL rápido, ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS or other certifications. Entonces, that you don’t have to go through the hassle and can easily meet your timelines.
  • MOKO Technology has a highly sophisticated setup which includes an Etching line, Línea de inspección óptica automática, Línea de perforadoras CNC, and Copper sink line. sin embargo, we also have an Electroplating production line, Línea de máquina de exposición, Máquina de formación, and a Fully automatic inspection machine.

3. Consigned PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • Colocación a una o dos caras
  • Capacidad de producción DIP (1.2 million units/day)
  • Cable & Asamblea de arnés
  • Conjunto de construcción de caja
  • Assembly of fine pitch can as low as 01005, 0201 Talla
  • High precision positioning to 4mm (0.1mm) pitch device
  • Capacidad de producción de SMT (10 million pieces/day (0402, 0201 pieces/day, 8 million pieces/day)

When you think about PCB assembly China, MOKO Technology is the first name that comes to mind. Entonces, we ensure that every delivery contributes to the satisfaction of our customers. Feel free to contact us for placing your order or asking for a quote

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