In koarte gids foar elektroanyske produksje yn Sina

In koarte gids foar elektroanyske produksje yn Sina
In koarte gids foar elektroanyske produksje yn Sina

Yn de ôfrûne pear desennia, Sina syn elektroanika produksje yndustry hat ûntwikkele rap, en no Sina is wurden de wrâld syn liedende elektroanika manufacturing macht. Neffens rapporten, the output value of China’s electronics industry in 2020 reached nearly 350 miljard Amerikaanske dollars, accounting for a quarter of the global assembly output value in 2020. Because more and more companies around the world choose to outsource electronic manufacturing services to China, including world-renowned companies such as Tesla, Apple, and Volkswagen. But do you know why? Goed, yn dizze gids, we will explain the advantages of Chinese electronics manufacturing services and how to choose a good electronics manufacturer in China. No, let’s explore together.

Advantages of Electronic Manufacturing in China

There are many advantages to outsourcing electronics manufacturing in China, but in this article, we will only discuss the key points:

Lege kosten

One of the main advantages of China’s electronics manufacturing is lower costs. Oan de iene kant, China has abundant labor resources, so the labor costs here are much lower than in Europe or North America. En wat derby komt, China’s workforce is well-trained to ensure products can be fabricated with high quality, which is why many companies prefer to cooperate with Chinese electronics manufacturers rather than seek partners in other Asian countries. Oan de oare kant, Chinese electronics manufacturers can take advantage of economies of scale, which can reduce production costs as well. They have a large order volume and a stable supply chain, so they always have access to raw materials at the most affordable prices, reducing overall production costs.

Koarte turnaround tiid

Many Chinese electronic manufacturers provide turnkey electronic manufacturing services, from product design to manufacturing and assembly, all these processes are done under one roof, which can speed up your time to market. Derneist, most electronic manufacturing factories in China are equipped with industry-leading machines to perform the fabrication, their highly automated processes can definitely improve work efficiency and productivity.

High Level of Expertise

China has been in the electronics manufacturing industry for decades and has accumulated a lot of experience serving customers in different industries such as automotive, medysk, aerospace, en ferdigening. Dêrom, if your company lacks electronics manufacturing expertise, then you should partner with a Chinese electronics manufacturer to be fully supported by electronics manufacturing resources and expertise.

How to Choose a Reliable Electronic Manufacturer in China?

How to Choose a Reliable Electronic Manufacturer in China

If you decide to outsource electronics manufacturing services in China, it can be tricky to choose a reliable electronics manufacturer to work with. You must know that there are more than 30,000 electronic manufacturers listed on Alibaba alone, so how can you choose a supplier that is competent for your project? Below we list the main considerations when choosing an electronics manufacturer in China, let’s discuss them one by one.

Kwaliteit earst

Quality is always the primary consideration when outsourcing electronics manufacturing in China. When choosing an electronics manufacturer, you should check their quality control system, the most straightforward way is to check their certifications such as ISO 9001, RoHS, IPC, BSCI, en UL, which certify that their manufacturing processes and products meet stringent quality standards and regulations. Tagelyk, you can ask about their inspection method, such as what kind of inspection they do to check the quality of the product.

Scope of Service

Different electronics manufacturers provide different services, some only provide manufacturing services, and some can provide one-stop services. Dêrom, before making a decision, it is important to confirm with them what kind of services they offer to ensure that they can meet your project requirements. Oan de oare kant, you should also pay attention to their expertise, some manufacturers are good at making products for automotive or medical, while some manufacturers have experience in other fields. It’s better to work with an electronic manufacturer who has experience with similar projects as yours.

Supply Chain Management

Working with electronic manufacturers who have a stable supply chain can save your costs and shorten time-to-market. Their good relationship with suppliers enables them to get materials and components at lower costs, which also can avoid project delays caused by the material shortage. Good electronic manufacturers also focus on supply chain management and inventory management, they can arrange stock and procurement reasonably based on updated market information they get from suppliers.

Factory Facilities

Advanced factory facilities are beneficial to improve production efficiency, as most of them are highly automated. Gewoanwei, a good electronic manufacturer places great emphasis on introducing new equipment and technologies, because outdated machines have limited capabilities that affect manufacturing speed and product quality. So you can ask the manufacturer for their equipment list, or you can visit their factory directly.

MOKO Technology: Your Preferred Electronic Manufacturing Partner

As a leading electronic manufacturer in China, MOKO has been engaged in electronic contract manufacturing services for 16 jierren, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, who come from different industries like medical, automotive, energy, ensafuorthinne. Our experts are proficient in every technology involved, from electronic design and electronic assembly to PCB fabrication and testing, we can handle everything for your project.

If you are looking for a reliable electronic manufacturing partner in China, we are your first choice. Contact us today to find out more about our service!


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