Usluge elektroničkog dizajna

Drawing on MOKO’s rich experience and high level of expertise in electronic design to convert your idea into a production-ready design.

Our Prototype PCB Assembly Services

PCB Design& Layout

As a PCB design specialist, MOKO is able to design PCBs of different types and materials. From single-layer double-layer to complex multi-layer PCBs, from FR4 PCBs to metal core PCBs, you can always count on us for the most reliable PCB designs.

Power Electronics Design

With years of electrical engineering experience, MOKO can develop hardware and firmware for power supplies, motor controllers, and other power electronics systems. U Dodatku, we can design or redesign the firmware to improve the performance of the device according to the requirements of different power, voltage, and frequency ranges.

Embedded Hardware Design

MOKO has a team of professional embedded engineers who master the most advanced technology in the field of electronic design. So we have the ability to provide embedded hardware development services for embedded systems of varying degrees of complexity, helping customers build secure and cost-effective embedded systems.

Simulation Service

The simulation services we provide are an important part of electronic design services, helping us ensure that a circuit or mechanical part is functioning to specification before it is built. Na primjer, by simulating the circuit, we can check thermal properties, electromagnetic compatibility, and electrical properties such as voltage, frequency, load power, itd.

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Bogato iskustvo

S 16 years of experience in this area, we have all the knowledge and skills needed to provide the best electronic design service.

Cutting-edge Design Tools

We apply the most advanced electronic design software to ensure that we can design a variety of products for our customers.

Documentation&IP Protection

We protect clients' intellectual property, and all documents involved in the design process are transferred to customers after the project is completed.

Electronic Design Capabilities at MOKO

Our Proven Electronic Design Cases

Pametna ploča PCBA senzora

Our customer asked for a CO2 and NH3 sensor. Tako, ugradili smo IR senzor, a 3-axis accelerometer, Super & GD senzor, svjetlosni senzor, i PIR detektor pokreta. Pružili smo stručnost u masovnoj proizvodnji, sheme, i dizajn softvera.

6-osjetnik osi BLE PCBA

Kupac je zatražio da izlazni napon slijedi valni oblik specifičan u stvarnom vremenu i ima 6-osni G senzor. Tako, pomogli smo im sa shemama, firmware, dizajn kućišta, SDK, i masovna proizvodnja.

ESP32 + LoRa kontrolna ploča

Naš kupac zatražio je da ugradimo LoRa tehnologiju i ESP32 za praćenje energije. Također su nas zamolili da integriramo postavku s njihovim poslužiteljem u oblaku. Stoga, pomogli smo im sa SDK-om, sheme, masovna proizvodnja, i odgovarajuće certificiranje.

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