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With rich experience and comprehensive expertise, MOKO can always provide customers with high-quality and reliable BGA PCB assembly service.

Full Coverage BGA PCB Assembly Services

Our BGA assembly services cover a wide range, including BGA prototype development, BGA PCB assembly, BGA component removal, BGA replacement, BGA rework and reballing, BGA PCB assembly inspection, et sic porro. Leveraging our full-coverage services, we can help customers streamline the supply network and accelerate product development time.

Stringent BGA PCB Assembly Testing Process

To achieve the highest quality standards for BGA assembly, we use a variety of inspection methods throughout the process including optical inspection, mechanical inspection, and X-ray inspection. Inter eos, the inspection of BGA solder joints must use X-rays. X-rays can pass through the components to inspect the solder joints below them, so as to check the solder joint position, solder joint radius, and solder joint thickness.

Benefits of BGA PCB Assembly

Efficient Use of Space – Nos uti available spatium concedit layout PCB BGA efficiently, so we can mount more components and manufacture lighter devices.

Better Thermal Performance – For BGA, the heat generated by the components is transferred directly through the ball. Autem, the large contact area improves heat dissipation, which prevents overheating of components and ensures long life.

Higher Electrical Conductivity – The path between the die and the circuit board is short, which results in better electrical conductivity. etiam, there is no through-hole on the board, the whole circuit board is covered with solder balls and other components, so vacant spaces are reduced.

Easy to Assemble And Manage – Compared to other PCB assembly techniques, BGA is easier to assemble and manage as the solder balls are used directly to solder the package to the board.

Less Damage to Leads – Non solidum solidaturam utitur balls quibus ad BGA leads. Unde, there is a lesser risk that they will get damaged during the operation.

BGA PCB Assembly Capacities at MOKO Technology

BGA Types:
Multis layers:
Usque ad 40 stratis
Solder balls:
Lead & lead-free
Pitch Size:
Minimum pitch sizes 0.4mm
placement accuracy +/- 0.03 mm
Passive Footprints:
0201, 01005, POP, 0603, et 0402
BGA Assembly Size:
1x1mm to 50x50mm
tabula crassitudo:
ISO9001, IS014001, ISO13485, RoHS, IPC, etc..

Elige MOKO ut tua Turnkey PCB Conventus Socius

quality Assurance

quality Assurance

We fully comply with the ISO quality management system and all processes meet the highest quality standards for BGA PCB assembly.

Strong Assembly Capacities

MOKO is capable of handling almost all types of BGA, assembling BGA components from small to large sizes, including fine pitch BGA.

Sola Expertise

In-depth Expertise

We have a BGA assembly team composed of professional engineers and IPC-trained employees, providing technical support throughout the process to ensure high reliability.

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