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The internet of things (IoT) refers to the ability of electronic devices to connect, transfer, and exchange data over the internet. This system comprises internet-enabled smart devices with built-in structures (sensoriis, processors) that are used to acquire, send, and process data gathered from the environment.

IoT device manufacturers are more numerous today. ita, as an electronic contract manufacturing company, MOKO Technology bring IoT solutions from engineering and manufacturing services to smart printed circuit board assembly.

IoT Devices Manufacturing Projects

Cleaner Robot


LoRaWAN Probe

Smart Meters



Security Devices

Smart Socket

Our Iot Devices

Gateway technology

This IoT electronics device is created to fix the breach created during the transfer of information or data between smartphones and IoT sensors.


The smart IoT device is manufactured to transmit signals within short distances to devices within proximity.

IoT smart switch

IoT smart switch can be used from anywhere you are to control electrical devices (i.e., turn/off) such as blenders, TV in your home.

IoT fitness tracker

An IoT fitness tracker is a gadget that tracks your workout habits. It calculates the distance you walked, your heartbeat and your body weight.

ESL tag:

The electronic shelf label is a smart IoT manufactured device used by business owners to display the prices of goods while on the store shelves.

Our Contract EMS Services

Our contract electronic manufacturing solution strives to bring in an experienced third party capable of managing your resources. It entails utilizing IoT manufacturing assembly services, which aids in cost reduction while expanding your company’s production capability. Contract electronic assembly encompasses a broad range of assemblies and services. Igitur, you can select any combination of them to collaborate with your contractor.

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Why You Need IoT

The internet of things( IoT) has become popular in the past few years because of its ability to connect several devices from a source. There is an increase in IoT device assembly by various electronic manufacturers around the world. autem, others are yet to realize that IoT is the new game-changer.

For instant connectivity among devices and sharing of data/information.

To allow the manufacturers have a better understanding of the demand and supply process.

To carry out greater and faster-automated tasks in warehouses/stores.

To enhance customer/user experience.

To promote cost-effective services.

To aid faster productivity and track assets from the central system.

Who need our IoT device assembly

Usage of IoT assembly manufacturing products are in several industries, and these help to boost production. A following of these are:


The adoption of the internet of things has aided in monitoring and analysis of security.


IoT device enables retailers to track client satisfaction, sales opportunities, and product supply.


IoT device in needed for smart check in school to save time.Danger and emergency can also be discovered immediately with trigger sensor.


The internet of things (IoT) manufacturing system employs devices around the farm to collect data and offer information on animal health, soil chemistry, fabrica, and terrain.


Manufacturing industry utilize IoT devices to track the production process and asset.


IoT connect the world in the way of Bus transportation and smart parking.

Estimated Annual Manufacturing of IoT Investment

Over the past seven years, the IoT manufacturing industry has grown and was used by over 250 million manufacturers in 2015. The IoT assembly manufacturing is fast increasing, while estimated to have over a billion manufacturers by 2021. tantum ergo, this has been recorded positively, seeing that many investors are investing in the IoT sensors with a large return on investment at about 30%, which is higher than what other industries get in return for investments. autem, fere 15 billion is invested into the IoT device manufacturing industry every year as of 2015, when investments were about $29 billion until 2020, which was $70 billion.
This proves that manufacturers of products are fast adapting to the benefits IoT device stands to offer.

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