Onze visie en missie

MOKO's visie

We strive to be a sustainable company.

MOKO's missie
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Voor klanten

Deliver high-quality products, offer best-in-class service

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Voor werknemers

Create a harmonious and respectful working atmosphere

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Voor zakenpartners

Provide a fair and reasonable, reciprocal and mutually beneficial cooperation platform

Voor aandeelhouders

Make their invested capital have a reasonably higher return than the average social return

MOKO's kernwaarden:


  1. Isoleer externe krachten en, onder een normale gemoedstoestand, begrijp de redelijke richting die we moeten inslaan.
  2. Benfen regulates our cooperation attitude- do not take advantages of others
  3. Analyze ourselves firstly when problems arise.


  1. Sincerity is the minimum requirement.
  2. We deliver what we promise, and we promise what we deliver even if take any risks.
  3. Be faithful to our obligations and responsibilities.


  1. Zonder teamsucces, persoonlijk succes is er niet.
  2. We are transparent and consistent in our decisions and actions. And we ,as a collaborative team, taking a mutual vision as our most important goal.
  3. “People come first” approach, we highly respect every employee’s ideas and authenticity. We believe it is our responsibility and pride that employees and enterprise grow together.


  1. Progress is our daily dose, keep high standard quality to cover customers’ needs and offer higher satisfaction than competitors.
  2. Quality comes from design. It is a systematic project that everyone cares about.
  3. Verbeter voortdurend de productkwaliteit, wat niet alleen onze waarde is, maar ook onze waardigheid.


  1. Design products and offer services from the customer’s point of view, and avoid doing things that seem to be liked by customers.
  2. Bestudeer volledig de behoeften van klanten, dat is het oorspronkelijke uitgangspunt van alle bedrijfsactiviteiten.
  3. Houd u aan het principe van klantgerichtheid binnen de onderneming.


  1. Purpose is our driving force, be goal-oriented to achieve given ends, that is meaningful for enterprise.
  2. Actively assume responsibility.
  3. Set up a goal that is meaningful to the enterprise, then think in reversely the conditions and corresponding steps we should have to achieve the goal.
  4. Strictly observing shared values to achieving given goal.
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