Printed Circuit Boards for LED Applications

Printed Circuit Boards for LED Applications

LED lights are considered perfect alternatives to traditional light sources. Today, they are designed with PCBs to minimize electrical energy wastage.
MOKO provides PCB assembly services for the LED industry. We assemble PCBs for a variety of complex lighting applications. Our LED PCBs have many advantages such as improved performance, excellent mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion coefficient.

MOKO Technology LTD’s Expertise in Customized LED PCBs
Our in-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of power efficient lighting requirements have helped us offer customized printed circuit board designs
Types of LED PCBs offered by MOKO
MOKO have always emphasized providing PCB solutions crafted to meet the needs of technology providers. Currently, we offer the following types of LED PCBs:
Aluminum base LED PCB
Metal Core PCB ( MCPCB) /Thermal PCB

Applications of MOKO’s LED PCBs

Following are few lighting applications that utilize our LED PCBs:

Flashlights and camping accessories
Operating rooms
Traffic signals
Airport landing and running operations
Highway tunnels
Solar power products
Power converters
Military field applications

We offer excellent price benefits and the fastest turnaround time on customized LED PCBs.


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