MOKO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED provides printed circuit boards, assemblies and electronic systems. We will provide products that are safe, effective and reliable while offering the highest quality and value to our customers. MOKO is constantly aspiring to reach excellence during the different manufacturing and product control phases, certified by important international certification bodies acknowledge by the electronics industry all over the world.

MOKO is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, IPC, and UL(PCB factory: E501497 94V-0; PCB assembly factory: E499341) standards.

MOKO Quality Assurance and Control offers

  • Bare Board 100 % Visual Inspection & AQL on mechanical to IPC-600 Class II or III
  • Assembly 100% Visual Inspection to IPC-610 Class II or III
  • Polar TDR Impedance Testing
  • PCB Board Net List Electrical Testing 100%
  • Micro-section Evaluation and Reports
  • PCB Assembly – ICT testing
  • PCB Assembly – Functional Testing
  • PCB Assembly – Burn-In-Testing
  • X-ray for PC board registration
  • X-ray for BGA and Component Verification
  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)

Quality philosophy

MOKO’s understanding of quality is characterized by achieving customer satisfaction and complete complying with customer desires regarding

  • correct mode of operation of products ordered;
  • in time shipment;
  • competitive costs charged.
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