Asamblare SMT

La MOKO Technology, we have a wide range of cutting-edge technology that creates a medium to large series of electronic gadgets to meet the SMT assembly needs of our clients.

Why Work with Us for SMT Assembly?

Stringent Quality Control

Our SMT assembly process strictly follows high standards and complies with ISO9001, IPC, și UL. We apply several testing and inspection methods to guarantee the high quality of each PCBA, including AOI, x-ray testing, testarea funcțională, etc..

Timp de răspuns rapid

Leveraging our state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver PCBAs within your deadlines. Our SMT assembly lines offer high productivity and very high flexibility that allows us to effectively engage in all of our customer requests.

Prețuri competitive

In-house manufacturing enables us to control the quality and costs as well. în plus, we have reliable suppliers who offer qualified materials at lower prices. Prin urmare, we can offer customers more competitive prices while maintaining quality.

Excellent Customer Service

We not only provide PCB assembly services, but more importantly, we are your reliable partner who can provide full lifecycle services. Our professional support team offers 24/7 online service to ensure that all your questions are satisfactorily resolved.

Our PCB SMT Assembly Capacity

Well-equipped SMT Assembly Line

5 SMT Lines-10 million chips per day (0402, 0201 cu 8 milioane pe zi) Reflow Soldering Automatic Wave Soldering System Automatic Plug-in Machines BGA Rework Machine

Various Component Packages Available

• QFP • uBGA

Different Testing Services

Inspecție optică automată
X-ray Testing
In-circuit Testing
Testare funcțională

SMT Assembly Process at MOKO

We Offer All-in-one SMT Assembly Services

Fabricarea PCB-urilor

With more than a decade of experience, our engineers are experts in PCB manufacturing who work with technicians together to ensure the best quality of our circuit boards. Mai mult, we run DFM checks to make sure that all our printed circuit boards can reach the quality and durability requirements.

Components Placement

We utilize highly automated SMT machines to ensure that we can always place surfaced mounted components in the right positions with a short turnaround time. Our assembly flexibility and advanced capabilities can meet all your requirements well.

SMT PCB Stencil

We are well-versed in PCB stencils and we have the expertise to help customers choose the right stencil that is suitable for your PCBs most. By using the best stencil, there is less chance of errors in the process and performance can be improved as well.

SMT Assembly Prototyping

Our professional engineer team customizes the design of the PCB prototype according to the project requirements, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors in the later stage. Ensure PCBA quality and speed up turnaround time with our SMT assembly prototyping services.

Ansamblu PCB SMT

With our advanced SMT assembly lines, we can manufacture miniaturized assemblies and complex assemblies that require high-mix ratios and high-density Interconnect. We specialize in assembling various SMT PCBs and we can handle a variety of components with our automated SMT assembly lines such as passive chip components, active packages, și așa mai departe.

SMT Cases at MOKO

GSM Board SMT Assembly

GSM Board Surface
Mount Assembly

HDI SMT PCB Assembly


SMT IoT Development Board

SMT IoT Development Board

Placă de asamblare a senzorului TH SMT

TH Sensor SMT
PCB Board

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