One-stop PCB Assembly Services

MOKO offers high-quality PCBA for customers in a variety of markets, our one-stop services including PCB manufacturing, nabava komponent, Sklop PCB, and testing can always make them satisfied.

Why Choosing Our PCB Assembly Services

Turnkey Assembly Services ​

Turnkey Assembly Services

From circuit board production, and component sourcing to assembly and testing, we can perform every step well. Our turnkey assembly services help our customers avoid the hassle of contacting different manufacturers and suppliers at different stages, speeding up communication and overall turnaround time.

Zagotavljanje kakovosti

MOKO takes the quality of its products very seriously and 100% testing ensures that every PCBA delivered to our customers is of high quality. We have a range of quality control processes and test methods, from raw material to PCB assembly, we perform a visual inspection and automated inspections such as optical and X-ray inspections.

Quality Assurance​
Reliable Supplier Network​

Reliable Supplier Network

MOKO has established a complete and reliable supplier network, most of our suppliers have cooperated with us for more than 3 letih, and any new supplier needs to pass our quality assessment system. Torej, we can ensure that the materials and components they provide meet our high standards.

Quick Turnaround

Our PCB assembly line is well equipped. MOKO has 5 SMT in 3 DIP production lines, and the equipment we apply is top-of-the-line, which allows us to assemble PCB with high efficiency. Od prototipov, in majhne serije do velike količine proizvodnje, in vse vmes, we can deliver PCBAs within your deadlines.

Quick Turnaround

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Izdelava PCB

We are capable of manufacturing kinds of PCBs with different materials such as FR4 PCB, Aluminijev PCB, heavy copper PCB, HDI PCB, itd. From single-layer, and double-layer to multi-layer PCBs, we can fabricate superior PCBs that can always meet your requirements.

Nabava delov

Komponente lahko pridobimo pri vaših imenovanih dobaviteljih ali pri naših dobaviteljih. Imamo stabilno mrežo dobaviteljev, ki nam omogoča pridobivanje komponent in surovin po nižji ceni ob ohranjanju visoke kakovosti.

Ikona za proizvodnjo PCB

MOKO ima prilagodljive možnosti sestavljanja, lahko dokončamo montažo PCB v kratkem času. Nudimo različne storitve montaže PCB, vključno z:

  • SMT montaža
  • Sestavljanje skozi luknjo
  • BGA sklop
  • Prototipni sklop PCB
Testiranje sestave PCB

Pred dostavo, uporabili bi vrsto testiranj za preverjanje kakovosti in delovanja PCBA, postopki testiranja vključujejo testiranje v vezju in 100% funkcionalno preskušanje. Opravimo vizualni pregled, avtomatski optični pregled, in avtomatiziran rentgenski pregled.

Our PCB Assembly Capacities

Vrste PCB
Togo, Prilagodljiv, in PCB-ji Rigid-Flex. MCPCB, Keramični PCB, in Rogers PCB.
Število slojev
Lahko se sestavimo 1 do 40 plasti. (Ali glede na zahteve strank)
Površinska obdelava
Pozlačeno, Svinec ali brez svinca, OSP, itd.
Možnosti montaže
Lahko zaprosite za THT, SMT, hibrid ali oboje. Plus, lahko greš z enojno in dvostransko postavitvijo.
Repair & Rework
Popravilo in predelava je zelo težko delo. Za boljšo rešitev se še vedno lahko obrnete na našo ekipo.
Proizvodna zmogljivost SMT
Zmožni smo proizvajati 10 milijon čipov na dan v primeru 5 SMT linije. In, 8 milijonov na dan v primeru 0402 in 0201.
DIP proizvodna zmogljivost
Podjetje lahko proizvaja 1.2 milijonov kosov na dan za 3 Proizvodne linije.
Sklop ohišja
3 Proizvodne linije za montažo ograde(Vsaka vrstica ima 15 monterji in 2 inženirji za nadzor kakovosti)
Montaža finega smola
do 01005, 0201 velikost
Namestitev z visoko natančnostjo
do 4mil(0.1mm) smola naprave

PCB Assembly Cases at MOKO

Bluetooth Module Assembly​
Sklop modula Bluetooth
GSM PCB Assembly
GSM PCB Assembly
HDI Printed Board Assembly​
HDI tiskana plošča

Heavy Copper PCB assembly
Težka bakrena PCBA
Industrial Control PCB Assembly​
Sklop industrijske krmilne plošče
LoRa printed circuit assembly​
Sklop tiskanega vezja LoRa
Power Switch Board Assembly​
Sklop plošče stikala za vklop

TH Sensor Circuit Board Assembly​
Sklop tiskanega vezja senzorja TH

Our Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews One

Naša ocena strank: “When you work with MOKO, you are receiving high-quality PCB prototypes and production at affordable prices. Very good quality and reliable PCB manufacturer, MOKO is extremely willing to help us get our fast track designs ready on time.

Customer Reviews Two

Naša ocena strank:”I just wanted to thank you and your company for such tremendous service and outstanding quality I received my first PCBs from you and they looked fantastic!

You and your staff were courteous and professional when I had questions, When I received the boards, they looked clean and very well fabricated. I was quite impressed!

I have already contacted some of my peers in my business and have showed them the board that you produced for me; they too are impressed and told me that MOKO will be their newPCB fabricators.

Customer Reviews Three

Naša ocena strank:”MOKO is our first choice for PCBs. They consistently provide excellent service, design support and customer service.We have used MOKO for over 15 years and consider them the VERY BEST. They supply a VERY high quality product at a reasonable price while offering superior customer service. Please try them just ONCE,and you will realize how I may honestly make this statement.You will never again go elsewhere for your PCB needs.

Customer Reviews four

Naša ocena strank:”Excellent PCB boards. Excellent service.Very high quality PCB at an affordable price. Precise shape and mask.Thank you! I will be ordering more.I would like to reduce the postage though DHL is excellent but I don’t mind waiting a bit if it could be cheaper!”

How to Work with Us

Upload file

1. Send us the Gerber and BOM file.

assess files

2. Our engineers would assess these files to confirm the feasibility of the project and then we will offer a competitive quotation.

place orders

3. Place the order and wait for getting your PCBA.

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