Who Are We?

MOKO Technology is a global leading expert in Electronic Manufacturing Services (ЕМС), we provide end-to-end EMS services to customers around the world. Основан 2006, we bring over 10 years of experience in electronic manufacturing to help each client. There are about 400 запослени у МОКО, међу њима, постоје 70 engineers for the R&Д тим и 45 продаја у иностранству за пословни тим. MOKO covers an area of about 10,000 квадратних метара, which allow us to operate large scale in-house manufacturing and strict quality control, making sure that every piece that our customer receive is of the highest quality. Имамо ИСО9001:2015, ИСО14001, ИСО13485, РОХС, БСЦИ сертификати, и УЛ на листи.

We can offer a wide range of services ranging from New Product Introduction, engineering to PCB manufacturing and assembly services, we are capable of handling prototypes, low to high volume production runs, and everything in between. We utilize state-of-the-art facilities such as 3-, 4- и 5-осни ЦНЦ машине, брзе СМТ ПЦБА линије од Иамахе и Сони. Our PCB daily capacity reaches 1000 квадратних метара, и ПЦБ склоп може да достигне 100,000,000 јединица месечно.

Интегритет, вредност, and innovation are the forces that drive us to serve our customers better, we are your strategic EMS partner who would work with you closely through your entire product development life cycle to improve your market competitiveness.

What We Do


We convert your ideas into products on the shelf, our experts would communicate with you to understand your requirements better so they can transform the concept to workable designs, our design services include:

Electronic design

Embedded design

Industrial design

Firmware design

Mechanical design

Дизајн за производњу(ДФМ)

Manufacturing and Assembly

MOKO provides electronic manufacturing and assembly services for customers in different industries including automotive, медицински, ваздухопловство, communications and so on. We specialize in:

Производња ПЦБ-а& Склоп ПЦБ-а

ЦНЦ обрада

3Д штампање

Sheet metal fabrication

Injection molding

Склоп склопа кутија

Кабел & Склоп кабелског свежња…

Услуге са додатном вредношћу

Управљање ланцем снабдевања

И МОКО, we have a global suppliers net and we cooperate with them closely to organize the various resources, which helps our customers save more costs and improve work efficiency to grow the revenue of the company.

Finishing Service

We offer a wide range of finishing services to enhance product competitiveness, such as anodizing, полирање, галванизација, laser engraving, paint coating, итд.

Why Choose Us for Electronic Manufacturing Service?


Our engineers are experts in this area who can support you from designing, инжењеринг, to firmware development, и производња. Било да се ваше пословање фокусира на истраживање, развој, иновација или развој пословања, your decision to work with MOKO Technology allows you to pay attention to other aspects of business, and we take care of everything about electronics manufacturing for you.

Врхунски квалитет

We are certificated with the ISO9001:2015, ИСО14001, РоХС, и УЛ на листи. Додатно, we have a strict internal quality control process that would check both the quality of raw materials and finished products, so our customers can always get high-quality products.

Competitive Prices

The in-house manufacturing and assembly can significantly control the cost. Our facilities are well equipped and highly automated, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Додатно, our solutions are custom-tailored to exactly adapt your needs within your budget.

Satisfying Services

Посвећени смо пружању најбољих услуга клијентима у производњи електронике. Ваше потпуно задовољство нам је изузетно важно. We make quick responses to your questions and inquiries within 24 сати.

Online Tracking System

Our ERP systematic order process allows you to check the production status and track your order throughout the product cycle.

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