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Our excellent quality assurance processes and dedication to service make us the best choice for turnkey PCB assembly.

Choose MOKO as Your Turnkey PCB Assembly Partner

Unparalleled Expertise

Full Expertise

We have rich experience and all the technical expertise required in turnkey PCB assembly, from component procurement to product delivery, we can complete every step with high quality.

Strong Supplier Network

Strong Supplier Network

Са 16 years of experience in the PCB industry, MOKO owns a supplier network that provides us with reliable access to get high-quality components at competitive prices.

Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

At each process, we strictly control the quality by implementing a variety of testing and inspections to ensure that each PCBA reaches the highest quality standard.

Фулл Турнкеи&Partial Turnkey PCBA

И МОКО, we provide flexible and custom turnkey PCBA services based on your project requirements: Full Turnkey PCBA: То укључује све услуге које су у процесу склапања ПЦБ-а, као што су набавка материјала и компонената, PCB fabrication and assembly, контрола квалитета, поштарина, and logistics. Partial Turnkey PCBA: This kind of assembly lets customers handle part of the process. На пример, клијент може да обезбеди дизајн ПЦБ-а и испоруку неких компоненти по систему кључ у руке.

Фулл Турнкеи&Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly Available
Turnkey PCB Assembly Testing

Turnkey PCB Assembly Testing

MOKO is an ISO 9001, ИСО 13485, and IPC, UL certified PCB supplier, we put the product quality as the top priority. Стога, we introduce advanced testing equipment and implement a series of inspections to help us control quality including:
Automated Optical
Inspection Functional
Circuit Testing Burn-In
Testing X-ray Inspection
Manual Visual Inspection

Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Fast Lead Times – All processes for turnkey PCB assembly are done under the same roof, што може значајно да убрза време обрта. When you work with different suppliers, especially when they come from different countries, a lot of time is spent on communication and shipping.

Competitive Prices – У једну руку, turnkey PCBA saves on shipping costs as you don’t need to ship bare PCB boards and electronic components to the assembly shop. Turnkey PCBA service providers, с друге стране, usually have a stable supply chain and can purchase components at relatively low prices.

Better Process Management – From component procurement, и производња, to testing, each process can be monitored by your trusted PCB assembly partner. They can clearly know the situation of each stage, find problems early, and deal with them properly so that the whole project can be carried out more smoothly.

Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Capacities

Turnkey PCBA Techniques
СМТ, ТХТ, Mixed Technology
Капацитет производног склопа
5 СМТ линије са 10 милион чипса дневно 3 производне линије, 1.2 милион комада дневно
Минимални размак
Број слојева
1-40 слојеви
Маска за лемљење
Црн, бео, Плави, Жута, Црвена
Мин. механички пречник рупе за бушење
Површинска обрада
Алуминијум, ФР-1, ФР-2, Висок ТГ, ФР4 халоген, ФР-4, ЦЕМ-1, ЦЕМ-3

Industries We Serve

Turnkey PCB Assembly application One
Turnkey PCB Assembly application Two
Turnkey PCB Assembly application Three
Turnkey PCB Assembly application Four
Home Electronics

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