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Are you considering putting in place a PCB assembly project? This is an exciting chance to watch your project blossom from concept to finished product. But how will you know if your PCB design will work when it’s completed and ready for use?
This is where our prototype PCB assembly can be an ideal solution. It is your insurance against any unwanted unexpected outcomes. This path offers you an easy and quick way to get a snapshot of the whole process and detect problem areas. Kusabab ieu, the PCB prototype is always the step we recommend for you before you go for a full production run.

What Prototype PCB Assembly Service We Can Provide

MOKO Technology will make a perfect ally for your prototype PCB needs. Whether you want low volume PCBs or multilayer PCBs, we can offer you a variety of PCBs at great and affordable prices.

From our excellent service, our customers have come to expect the following:

  • Great accuracy and precisionour prototypes excel in accuracy, which meets customer specifications. This is because we take quality and detail seriously.
  • Quick turnaroundsWe understand the value of customers’ waktos. So we strive to fabricate your prototypes at a decent speed. Salaku hasilna, our fast prototype PCB assembly service can cut your waiting times from weeks to just a few minutes.
  • Fabulously low priceswe have perfected methods that help to keep your prices low and affordable. Ku sabab kitu, we will complete your project on a friendly budget.
  • Error correctionsOur PCB prototype is essential for spotting defects, thus avoiding major failures at a late stage. Eliminating these flaws at an early stage can save you much on time and cost
  • Quick online quotesYou can put in a request for your PCB prototype. All you will need is to submit a PCB design and receive the result.
  • Sample test before full production runWe allow you to test the proto boards and confirm whether they work as required.

Types of Prototype PCB Assembly

We provide you with a great variety of prototype PCB assembly services. Whether you need the standard PCB types or the more complex ones, kami geus anjeun katutupan.

  • Single FR4 boards
  • Double-sided FR4 boards
  • High technology blind and buried via boards
  • Multilayer boards
  • Thick-copper
  • SMT
  • Frékuénsi luhur
  • HDI
  • Kaku
  • Rigid-flex
  • Flex

Our prototype PCB assembly also caters for applications in a wide variety of areas such as:

  • Aeroangkasa sareng satelit – This include solutions for battery warming, radar installations, temperature sensors etc
  • Automotive industryWe build PCB prototypes to support several automobile features, such as anti-lock brakes, security features and more
  • Home applianceswe help make homes fun and exciting with solutions that support such things as coffee makers, door openers for pets and game machines etc
    Salian ti ieu, other areas we support include GPS Modules, Telecom industry, Security devices, Medical industry, and Wireless industry, antara séjén.

Our Values Add Services for Prototype PCB

We stand ready to offer you our services at any time. Ogé, you can make further requests from us on your prototype with no extra costs. This includes the addition of more holes should you need them.

Even though prototype PCB assembly service is a smaller version of full production, we don’t skimp on its quality. So we assure you of the same high standards on your PCB prototypes that we apply to full production runs.

The Capacities of Prototype PCB Assembly

We have highly qualified personnel who are experts in prototype PCB assembly. We also use cutting edge technology and advanced equipment. Ku sabab kitu, by partnering with us, you are choosing from the best of China’s leading specialists in the field.

The parameters of MOKO Technology PDB prototypes are:

  • Lapisan: 1 ka 12
  • Bahan: Aluminium, FR-1, FR-2, TG luhur, FR4 halogén, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3
  • Maximum finished thickness: 0.2 mm ka 4.0 mm
  • Maximum finished board side: 500 mm by 500 mm
  • Minimum drilled hole size: 0.25 mm
  • Min. Lebar garis: 0.10 mm
  • Min line spacing space 0.10 mm
  • Kandel tambaga: 0.5 ka 3.0 oz
  • Hole tolerance: PTH: + atawa – 0.076, NTPH +or – 0.05
  • Warna topéng solder: blue/red/white /white/green

Choose Us as Your Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer

You can’t go wrong by choosing us as your PCB technology solution provider. Customers have consistently chosen MOKO Technology, thus winning us a proud place among China’s top 5 in PCB assembly. For further discussion about your project, talk to us today by contacting us

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