Electronic Design Services

MOKO Technology is a pioneer in the field of electronic design company. We take pride in our R&D team that has more than 70 engineers onboard. Our R&D team has the latest equipment and over 10 years of experience in electronic and firmware design. We develop your products by ensuring that the design is economical and optimal. Our top priority is to meet your requirements and ensure your satisfaction. You will find us there every step of the way from the specification sheet validation to the series production. We can outshine our competitors by bringing superior products to the global markets and by reducing risk for our partners. Our every solution reflects our values of sustainability, premium quality, shorter time to market, and cost reduction.

Electronic Design Services at MOKO Technology

Our electronic hardware designers are well-trained and are highly-skilled. They have years of experience in developing high speed electronic board design. This allows them to ensure that every PCB board is developed with high accuracy and precision.

  • Design efficient PCB boards and electronic solutions
  • Provide Design for Manufacturing (DMF) support for your PCB products
  • Provide Design for Testability (TOFT) support for your electronic products
  • Selection and procurement of your electronic components
  • POM (Tohi Moʻua ʻo e Ngaahi Nāunaú)
  • Design and development of PCB boards in such a way that they meet the RoHS standards

Electronic Hardware Design Capabilities at MOKO Technology

Our services are not limited to electronic design and assembly as we also provide services related to PCB layout, PCB development, PCB prototyping, PB. ngaohiʻanga koloa, and PCB testing. Ko ia, you can benefit from our services to build your entire product range with us. Our experts are well-capable of performing rework on the old PCB boards. Ko ia, this allows us to restore any PCB boards that are out of order or are damaged. If you already have a electronic design China but it lacks functionality then we can help you with that as well. We will perform design optimization to improve the functionality of your PCB boards. We assure you that all of our PCB products are highly efficient and reliable.

  • Develop high-density SMT designs such as PCI, CPCI, BGA, PCIE, uBGA.
  • Designing BLE (Bluetooth ivi siʻisiʻi) products such as smart home applications
  • Make ultralow EMI designs for utilization in applications similar to MRI
  • Complete drawings for PCB assembly
  • Generate data for the in-circuit test (ICT)
  • Cutout and drill drawings for RF PCB design
  • Create documents for professional development
  • Perform automatic routing for PCB boards with a dense packing.
  • Perform high-speed PCB design for digital, and multilayer PCB boards. Ko ia, the examples for these include bus routing, matched lengths, and differential pairs.
  • Develop HDI designs by using advanced materials and micro vias. Ko ia, the examples of such vias include laser micro vias and vias in a pad.
  • Ko ia, we also perform PCB designing for military, fakakomesiale, meʻa fakafaito, and space applications.
  • We also provide electronic design and layout for analog and RF PCB boards. Ko ia, the examples for these include RF shields, antennas, and guard rings.
  • We can handle single integrity issues so that we can meet your PCB requirements.
  • Manage PCB layers so that you can control impedance.

How we design a PCB board and perform design optimization

ʻUluakí kotoa, we make a schematic of the electronic circuit that we intend to implement on our PCB. ʻI he taumuʻa ko ʻeni, we use advanced circuit design and schematics software. This allows us to establish a blueprint for all the electronic components and wires we are going to use in later stages.
Circuit Design Validation
After completing the schematics, we like to make sure that the design is up to the mark. ʻI he taumuʻa ko ʻeni, we thoroughly check the labeling and placement of every component in the schematics. Hili ia, we like to run simulations to gauge the performance of the circuit.
Design Optimization
Once we validate that the design is working fine, we tend to optimize it. ʻI he taumuʻa ko ʻeni, we divide the circuit into smaller sections in such a way that similar components fall in the same section. Then we try to shorten the connective traces to reduce the chances of electromagnetic noise. Pea, we like to arrange the sections in such a way that the current follows a linear path. Ko ia, we can come up with an optimal design.

How to get your electronics design services

Sketch your product idea into a PCB design file
Sketching down your product idea into a design file is the starting point. It might seem difficult but it is easier than it sounds. This is because there are many CAD software available in the market which you can easily use to sketch your ideas into a design file.
Choose a Reputable China PCB Design Company
If you look at the past performance then you will see that MOKO technology has always delivered superior PCB design and manufacturing services with a short turnover time. Ko ia, MOKO technology should be your first and only choice.
Submit the PCB design file
Now you should send your PCB design file to the MOKO technology. We will get back to you with a suitable quotation.
Submit mass production order
Once you receive a quotation, you should proceed with placing a mass production order. Large production will ensure the profitability of your venture.
Receive your products
Once your order is completed, we will deliver it to you through the delivery method of your choice. You can then receive your products and we assure you that you will find them to your liking.

MOKO Technology Electronics Design cases

Smart Sensor PCBA Board
Our customer asked for a CO2 and NH3 sensor. Ko ia, we incorporated an IR sensor, 3 axis accelerometer, ToF & GD sensor, a light sensor, and a PIR motion detector. We provided our expertise in mass production, schematics, and software design.
6-axis Sensor BLE PCBA
The customer requested that the voltage output follows a real-time specific waveform and has a 6-axis G sensor. Ko ia, we helped them with schematics, firmware, enclosure design, SDK, and mass production.
ESP32 + LoRa Control Board
Our customer asked us to incorporate LoRa technology and ESP32 to monitor energy. They also asked us to integrate the setup with their cloud server. Ko ia, we helped them with SDK, schematics, ngaohiʻanga lahi, and relevant certification.

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