Industrial PCB FAB & Assembly Expert

MOKO offers our customers an excellent quality range of Industry Controller Care Control Board PCB, Industrial PCB Assembly. These are manufactured from qualitative range of raw materials

For several years MOKO has worked with a variety of customers in the industrial market segment from sensors, founga fekauʻaki mo e 10 ki he ivi makehe, founga vakaiʻi ʻo e ʻuhilá, puleʻi ʻo e ngaahi meʻa lalahi pea pehe ki he niʻihi kehe ʻoku lahi ʻenau ngaahi fie maʻu ki he ʻatakai.

Our focus is on long-term customer relationships to support the product from initial prototypes through fields repairs and reverse logistics. Our dedicated personnel understands that we need to be flexible to meet your demands and be responsive to them.

MOKO has experience satisfying a variety of demands the industrial customer base has placed on its build partner. In every project, our goal is to support our customers’ needs with the right mix of services, facility build site options and technical expertise.

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