SMT Stencil

SMT Stencil or Surface Mount Technology Stencil is a fine laser-cut stainless-steel sheet, ideal for using in PCB assembly. The PCB stencil helps in transferring the solder paste with precision and accuracy.
Ko ia, the SMT stencil technology is important for applying solder paste. Hange ko ia ʻoku mou ʻiloʻi, applying the solder paste is a time taking task that requires delicacy and attention to detail. Ka neongo ia, such technology makes it easy for you to apply the paste in a single swipe.

Features of SMT Stencils

It is available in a few types and their features vary from type to type. Ka neongo ia, the purpose of all stencils is the same.

Meimei ko e lahi taha, you will find these common features in SMT stencil manufacturing:

  • ʻUluakí, it is available as sheets of stainless steel or nickel.
  • Uá, with laser-cut technology, engineers and manufacturers make aperture walls on the stencil sheets.
  • The laser-cut aperture walls of the stencil provide precision in
  • Fakaʻosí, they are best for creating a permanent fiducial that doesn’t fade.

Choose the Best SMT Stencil Manufacturer

Makatuʻunga ʻi hoʻo ngaahi fie maʻu, you can choose such technology that works the best for you. Mahuʻinga tahá, you should look at the following factors before making your choice:

  • The thickness and material of the stencil.
  • Measurement of the laser cut and its minimum width.
  • The size of the stencil perfect for mounting.

Types and Features

At MOKO technology, we offer 100% laser-cut, finest stencils. The types of stencils that we can provide you are:

  • Framed SMT Stencils
  • Frameless SMT Stencils
  • Prototype SMT Stencils
  • Electroformed SMT Stencils
  • Prototype SMT Stencil Kit

Let us take a look at the features of them:

Framed SMT Stencil:
It is also called ‘glue-in stencils’ as you can fix them in a stencil frame. Once, you mount the laser-cut stencil, it stays in place by a mesh border.
We recommend using it for high-volume screen printing.

Frameless SMT Stencil:
Frameless stencil or foils are 100% laser-cut sheets. you can use them in reusable frames. Comparatively, it offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
Ko hono ola, it is best for short runs and prototype PCB assembly. ʻIkai ngata ai, you can use it for both hand and machine soldering.

Prototype SMT Stencil:
It is made by using the CAD file that you provide. Ka neongo ia, you can also use a Gerber file for this. Ko ia, it is very effective and efficient to use.
We recommend using such a stencil for hand printing. They are cost-effective and efficient.

Prototype Stencil Kit:
If you are new to hand printing, we recommend getting a prototype SMT stencil kit. ʻI he angamahení, the kit comprises of all necessary tools that you will require for hand printing.
A regular prototype stencil kit comes with a prototype stencil (made with your CAD or Gerber file). Pea, you get a squeegee blade perfect for the application, high-quality solder paste, and a temperature marker. Fakaʻosí, it will also contain small tools for picking as well as small gear for handling.

Electroformed SMT Stencils:
If you require the stencil for the most precise application, Electroformed SMT stencils are the best solution for you. They are stencils made with electroformed sheets or foils.
For accuracy, you can mount electroformed SMT stencil permanently using a mesh board. ʻIkai ngata ai, it is made of nickel.
Comparatively, nickel has a much lower coefficient of friction.

Importance of SMT Stencil

  • SMT stencils make PCB assembly very easy.
  • Depending on the type of SMT stencil you use, you can apply the paste with a hand or machine.
  • The stencil is great for applying solder paste to a circuit board.
  • They reduce the time spent on applying the paste.

Characteristics of SMT Stencil

Here are some of the general characteristics of SMT stencils:

  • Tolonga: The stainless steel of such stencil is very sturdy and durable. Sometimes, other materials like mylar and nickel are also used.
  • The thickness of Stencils: Another important characteristic of the SMT stencil is its thickness. Meimei pehe maʻu pe, the thickness ranges from 0.005to 0.007″.
  • Lahi ʻo e Aperture: The size of the aperture hole depends on the pad size of the circuit board. The rule of the thumb is to reduce the size of the aperture wall by 10% from the pad size.
  • Designing of the PCB: ʻI he MOKO fakatekinolosia, we can generate the design of the PCB by using your Gerber file or CAD file.
  • Size of the SMT Stencil: the size of the stencil may vary according to the type of the stencil. 20 x 20 is the most common size used for framed stencils.

Get the Best SMT Stencils Service at MOKO Technology

ʻI he MOKO fakatekinolosia, we provide you premium quality surface mount stencils for PCB assembly. In order to make sure you get the best stencil service, we use advanced tools and technology.
Our team of highly skilled technicians pays attention to engineering your stencil with precision.
In addition to that, ʻi he MOKO tekinolosia, you can get the laser cut SMT stencils at affordable rates. We offer precise SMT stencil manufacturing and prompt delivery.
Contact us for any queries, and we will be happy to assist you.

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