Telecom PCB Assembly

Drawing on our expertise and flexible solutions to bring a faster and better Telecom experience to the world together!

What Makes Our Telecom PCB Assembly Services Different

Rich Experience

For the past 16 years, MOKO has focused on the telecom market, providing high-quality PCBAs and flexible PCB assembly solutions to global customers. It is this experience that gives us the confidence to provide the best telecom PCB assembly services and to meet your requirements consistently.

Full Lifecycle Solutions

From PCB designing, and material procurement to production and supply chain management and after-market service, we are proud to provide you with full lifecycle solutions. There is no need to switch from different suppliers in different processes, we can handle them all so you can focus on your core business.

Short Time to Market

We streamline the manufacturing process and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to improve the production efficiency and quality of our telecom PCBAs. From prototypes, and small batches to high volume production, and everything in between, we are capable of providing PCBAs with fast turnaround times.

Excellent Customer Service

Working with us can set you assured as we have a dedicated support team spanning engineering, manufacturing and sales, who will provide 24/7 customer service to ensure that all your questions are satisfactorily resolved.

Telecom PCB Assembly Services at MOKO

pcb design icon

Leveraging our expertise and great engineering capabilities, we can help our clients to design various PCBs. Our engineers would work with you closely to understand your project requirements well and offer the best design solution.

Parts Procurement

We can purchase components and materials from your nominated suppliers or our suppliers. We have a stable supplier network that allows us to obtain components and raw materials at a lower cost while maintaining high quality.

PCB Manufacturing icon

Our professional engineer team customizes the design of the PCB prototype according to the project requirements, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors in the later stage. Ensure PCBA quality and speed up turnaround time with our PCB prototyping services.

pcb assembly icon

MOKO has flexible PCB assembly capabilities, we can complete PCB assembly with high efficiency. We provide various assembly services including:

• SMT assembly
• Through-hole assembly
• BGA PCB assembly
• Prototype PCB assembly

PCB Assembly Testing

Before the delivery, we would apply a series of testing to check the quality and function of PCBAthe testing processes include in-circuit testing and 100% functional testing. We perform a visual inspection, automated optical inspection, and automated X-ray inspection.

Telecom PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Types
Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCBs. MCPCBs, Ceramic PCBs, and Rogers PCBs.
Layer Count
We can assemble 1 to 40 layers. (Or according to client requirements)
Surface Finishes
Gold Plated, Lead or Lead-free, OSP, etc.
Assembly Options
You can ask for THT, SMT, hybrid or both. Plus, you can go with single and double-sided placement.
Repair & Rework
Repairing and reworking is a very difficult job. You can still contact our team for a better solution.
SMT Production Capacity
We are capable to produce 10 million chips per day in the case of 5 SMT lines. And, 8 million per day in the case of 0402 and 0201.
DIP Production Capacity
The company can produce 1.2 million pcs per day for 3 Production Lines.
Enclosure assembly
3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)
Fine pitch assembly
down to 01005, 0201 size
High accuracy placement
down to 4mil(0.1mm) pitch devices

Our Telecom PCBAs Are Used in Wide Applications

Video and audio broadcast
Video and audio broadcast
Cable infrastructure
Cable infrastructure
Tracking and telemetry
Tracking and telemetry

RF broadband
RF broadband
PBX Systems
PBX Systems
Information Security Technology
Information Security Technology

Partnering with MOKO to bring your telecom products to the market with a fast turnaround time

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