Yéetel fabricación electrónica

Full Range of Electronic Manufacturing Services at MOKO Technology

The electronics manufacturing services(EMS) we provide cover almost the entire product cycle, from electronic design, prototipado, ka ensamblaje PCB, to cable and harness assembly, full system integration, Pruebas yik'áalil, ka gestión le tsolokbal suministro. Our full-service electronic manufacturing services are characterized by superior quality and fast turnaround times, which enable us to meet the various project needs of our customers.

Diseño Electrónico

Our professional engineers are profi-cient in electronic design and have extensive experience in PCB design& diseño, power electronics design, embedded hardware design, etc.

PCB Fabrication& Assembly

Equipped with advanced STM and THT production lines and skilled operators, we have the ability to handle PCB production and assembly services from simple to complex.

Ensamblado compilación cuadro

MOKO provides a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service tailor-made to customers’ requirements saving them both time and money.

Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

We have the ability to handle all types of cables, providing standard as well as customized cable and wire harness assembly services.

Pruebas yéetel inspección

We perform a variety of tests including functional testing, inspección óptica yo'osal, Inspección tumen rayos X, etc. to ensure that each product can meet your expectations.

Gestión le tsolokbal suministro

Our supply chain management service helps customers to streamline their supplier networks, ka ma'alo'obkíinsiko'ob u eficiencia le meyajo', so as to grow revenue.

Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities

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Why Choose Us As Your EMS Partner

Extensive Expertise

We are experts in electronics manufacturing with comprehensive expertise and extensive project experience. We provide customers with high-quality design solutions, manufacture reliable electronic products, and provide the best electronic manufacturing services.

yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob u calidad

All our production processes are in compliance with the ISO quality management system, all our production links are carefully controlled and monitored, and various inspections are performed to ensure the high quality of the products.

Núukik rápida

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and skilled operators, which allows us to deliver products according to our clientsproject schedules. For prototypes, we can do it as fast as 1 K'iine'.

Total Flexibility

We have a flexible production capacity that can be adjusted to meet different customer needs. We can handle orders from prototype to mass production, as well as high-mix low-volume production.

Customer Testimonial

Ba'ax ku ya'ala'al k clientes

We have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with MOKO. The electronic manufacturing services they provide have always met our requirements and even exceeded our standards. Ti' le futuro, we will consider more cooperation.

— Judy Fricbergs

MOKO Technology is a very trustworthy electronics manufacturing services company, they respond quickly and the quotations they provide are very cost-effective, if you want to find a reliable EMS partner, they can be your go-to choice!

— John Hawkins

We are very surprised by MOKO’s professionalism in electronic products and quality control. By cooperating with them, we never have to worry about quality issues.

— Dan Larsen

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