Sonic Welding Process at MOKO

Sonic welding is a very popular method for welding polymeric composites, Ba'ax ku ye'esa'al yéetel juntúul velocidad producción rápida, ka'anal automatización, ka menor ta manaj.

Equipado yéetel ti' u ts'ook generación, Le mayaj soldadura sónica MOKO ku yáantik k clientes u soldar yik'áalil yéetel ka'anal precisión yéetel eficiencia. Yaan k asab ti' 10 years of experience in the welding, which allows us to handle kinds of welding projects in different industries.

Ba'axten MOKOTechnology

MOKO Technology has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of weld tooling and we have participated in a lot of ultrasonic welding projects in different industries. Ofrecemos ti' soldadura sónica utia'al u tarjetas PC, carcasas yik'áalil electrónicos, autopartes, yéetel uláak' yik'áalil. Óolal ti' Jaajal k Buka'aj u ba'al u mecanizado CNC, we have developed the rework tools that allow us to open the ultrasonic welding products easily without damaging the components inside.

Táan k certificados yéetel ISO9001, which means our welding process and products can meet international standards. Our in-house manufacturing and sound quality check processes guarantee the high quality of each piece.

MOKO offers a one-stop sonic welding service to our customers ranging from designing, ingeniería fabricación, and also we can support you in the design and development of the weld tooling required. Contact us today to see how we can help you succeed.

Yik'áalil soldadura sónica

Yik'áalil soldadura sónica uno
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica ka'atúul
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica óoxp'éel
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica kantúulo'on
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica cinco
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica seis
Yik'áalil soldadura sónica siete

What Is the Sonic Welding?

Sonic welding is an industrial process that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to apply pressure to welded parts so they can be tightly bonded. In wéet k'iin, the ultrasonic vibration would heat the contact area to make the joint of two parts even stronger. Ichil le tuukula', Ma' k'a'abéet utilizar pernos conectivos, clavos, materiales soldadura, or adhesives.

The temperature of the welding can always keep below the melting point of the involved materials to avoid the unwanted properties that may be caused by over-high temperature exposure of the materials. Leti' jump'éel ma'alo'obtal jach utilizada ti' industrias bey le automotriz., j-ts'aak, electrónica jant p'áatalij, Kaambalo'ob, ka bey sucesivamente.

What Are the Benefits of Sonic Welding?

1. Menor ta manaj

The materials cost of the welding is lower than other welding technology as it requires no connective bolts, adhesivos, sujetadores mecánicos wa materiales soldadura. Beey xan, le tuukula' soldadura sónica ti' MOKO táan ma'alob automatizado, which can reduce the cost of labor assembly as well. Bey, we can offer the most cost-effective ultrasonic welding solutions to our customers

2. K'iinil núukik séeba'an

Our engineers are the experts in the welding who understand the design requirements of the welded parts to ensure the feasibility of the solution, Je'el Jech je'el aplazamiento causado tumen le diseño irrazonable wa u reelaboración. Ichil uláak' ba'ale', the dissipation of heat during the welding is quick that can shorten production time as well.

3. Consistencia ka repetibilidad

Ultrasonic welding is featured with high consistency and repeatability process, Yo'olal le yik'áalil soldados sónicos ti' jejeláas lotes páajtal mantener óol k'ek'eno' ti' beyo' ka Buka'aj.

Ts'o'oksik tia'al juntúul cotización?

Aproveche k páawo'ob yéetel kan u le ma'alo'obtal MOKO je'el u meentik wo'osale'.

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