PCB Design and Layout Services

We have extensive experience in all aspects of PCB design and layout, providing customers with the most reliable designs.

What is PCB Design and Layout

PCB design and layout is the process of creating the physical layout of a printed circuit board, which is used to connect electronic compo-nents in a circuit. The process involves designing the placement of electronic components, routing the electrical connections between them, and defining the shape and size of the board. MOKO Technology provides a full scale of printed circuit board design services, with a highly experienced design team that specializes in all kinds of printed circuit board design, 从简单到复杂.


Our PCB Design and Layout Services

Creating a graphical representation of an electronic circuit using standardized symbols and notations.

Placing components on the PCB, routing connections between them, and optimizing the layout for performance and manufacturability.
Building and maintaining a library of parts and components that can be used in multiple PCB designs.
Identifying potential issues in the design that may affect the manufacturability of the PCB, like component placement and trace widths.
Building and testing a prototype of the design to verify functionality and performance.
Conducting a thorough review of the design to identify potential issues and areas for improvement.

PCB Design Capabilities

Comprehensive Design Capabilities:

• Mixed technology, Surface mount, through-hole designs
• Micro BGA/Micro Via/Blind and Buried Via
• Analog and Mixed Signal Design
• High-speed Digital Design
• RF design
• Sensitive analog circuits
• Reverse engineering
• Signal Integrity/Design Verification
• EMI inspection
• Compliance Engineering

PCB Design Software:

• Altium
• Mentor
• PADS • Cadence
• Allegro



MOKO has extensive experience and expertise in PCB design and layout, and has completed many successful projects for a variety of clients in different industries.


Our design and layout process adheres to industry standards and best practices, ensuring high-quality designs that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Full Support

We provide comprehensive support throughout the design and manufacturing process, including troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise.

Quick Lead Time

We are committed to delivering reliable printed circuit board designs as fast as one day, helping customers to accelerate their time-to-market.

Our Proven Projects

PCB design case 1

ESP32 + Lora Control Board

Customer Demand: ESP32 and LoRa technol-ogy energy monitoringconnect to custome-rs’cloud server
Our Support: Schematic design & circuit board design &embedded software design,软件开发工具包,Sam-ples,大量生产,certification services.

PCB design case 2


Customer Demand: STM32, printed circuit board design, CO2 & NH3 sensor, 吨&H sensor,凉爽的 & GD传感器, 红外传感器, pir motion detector light sensor, 3-轴加速度计.
Our Support: Schematic design & printed circuit board design, embedded software design,大量生产.

PCB design case 3

BLE 6-Axis Sensor PCBA

Customer Demand: CC2640, output voltage follows specific & realtime waveform,six-axis G-sensor.
Our Support: Schematic design & printed circuit board design, 固件, SDK enclosure design, 大量生产.

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