10k Ohm Direnç |Tanım, Özellikler ve Uygulama

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10k Ohm Direnç|Tanım, Özellikler ve Uygulama

Resistors are dispensable components for PCB tasarımı, ama biraz yeşil eller onlara yakından bakıyor. Bugün, popüler dirençlerden biri olan 10k ohm'u tanıtacağız. You can acquire what 10k Resistor is, nasıl özellikleri, and how it is applied in the following text.

What Is 10k Resistor?-Tanım

10k ohm resistor refers to a resistor with a resistance value of 10,000 ohm. If the current passing through is 1 amp, the voltage it carries are 10 volt.

Color Band of 10k Resistor

There are two ways of color band arrangement to express the resistance value of 10k ohms.

  • Brown band, black band, orange band, color band for error range
  • Brown band, black band, black band, red band, color band for error range

No matter what type of expression of the resistance value, the color bands are all printed on the surface of the resistor to easy and direct identification.

What Is the Difference Between 1k and 10k Ohm Resistors?

There is a large difference in the resistance value, leading to the huge gap in current limitation ability, and voltage regulation ability. dışında, due to different resistance values, their size is various, çok. Genel konuşma, 10k ohm resistors take up more space to contain resistance materials. Üçüncüsü, the color bands are different since they are definitely in different resistance values.

Why Use 10k Resistor?-Özellikler

  1. 10k resistors have a good command of limiting the flow of current. In a circuit, the amount of current is determined by both voltage and resistance. The presence of such a high resistance makes the current passing through it very small, thus limiting the current of the entire circuit. This is very useful in situations where the value of the current needs to be controlled, such as protecting components in the circuit from damage caused by excessive current.
  2. 10k resistors can stabilize the operation of the circuit. In some special circuits, we need to keep the voltage in the circuit stable and free from external interference.
  3. 10k ohm resistor also have special applications. Örneğin, when measuring resistance, we often use the partial voltage method-connecting a high resistance value resistor to measure the resistance that required measurement. High-resistance resistor can effectively reduce the size of the current, thus reducing the measurement error.
  4. Ek olarak, in some high-voltage circuits, high-resistance resistors are often used to prevent excessive current and protect other electronic components.

Where Is 10k Resistor Used-Application

Power Supply Circuits& Amplifier Circuit

In some circuits that require precise control of voltage or current, such as power supply circuits and amplifier circuits, 10k resistors performs so well.

Sensor Circuit

Dahası, in some sensor circuits, 10k resistors are often used as feedback elements to convert the sensor’s signal into an electrical signal. Örneğin, in a temperature sensor, a 10k resistor is adopted for converting a temperature signal into a voltage signal.

Giriş & Output Circuit Module

It is widely applied in Input&output circuit modules, such as input/output module 4141, input/output module 5155, vb.

Filtering Circuit

In high-voltage circuits, it is frequently used as choke or in conjunction with capacitors to build filtering circuits.

Temperature Protection Circuit

Temperature protection circuit is commonly equipped with 10k resistor. In induction cooker and ceramic stoves, high-power components, such as power tubes and thyristors, may suffer breakdown if the temperature is too high. Ve, 10k thermistor are usually used as detection components. Once the temperature reaches the limit, the circuit is cut off so as to protect these important components.

Application Tips

Is 10k resistor good for LED?

10K resistor will limit the current to about 1 mA and offer a great safeguard for LEDs and IC against excessive. ancak, if you want make the LEDs brighter, we highly recommend 3 için 5 K.

What Is The Purpose of 10k ohm Resistor Grounding Push Button?

It’s a pull down resistor which aiming at setting the voltage of the Arduino input to 0 V when the button is open. It just sets a default voltage value to the connected node.


If you are designing PCB requiring resistors with big resistance value, check whether 10k resistor is suitable for you board. If you want more help about designing PCB, çekinmeyin Bize Ulaşın.

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