Каковы новые тенденции в производстве EMS??

Каковы новые тенденции в производстве EMS??
Каковы новые тенденции в производстве EMS?

Производственная отрасль EMS быстро росла в последние годы и стала одной из самых быстрорастущих отраслей в мире.. Ожидается, что рынок будет расти с $504.22 миллиард в 2022 к $797.94 миллиард по 2029, при среднегодовом темпе роста 6.8%. Что еще, some emerging trends will further promote the development of the market and change the operation of electronic manufacturing companies and the entire industry. В этом блоге, we will explain these trends in detail so that you can better understand their impact on the EMS industry, let’s dive right in

  1. Energy-Efficiency

While developing the electronics manufacturing industry, the impact of production on the environment has to be considered. In order to comply with global trends and protect the environment, more and more manufacturers are beginning to study how to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. They simplify the product development process, shorten the development cycle, and continuously develop and produce more energy-efficient products. Кроме того, reducing energy consumption will also help reduce their expenses and increase company profits.

  1. Интернет вещей

The Internet of Things is no longer unfamiliar to us, it is widely used in various industries, and the application of the Internet of Things technology to the electronic manufacturing process is a clear trend. Electronic manufacturing suppliers use IoT technology for data cloud computing, обработка сигнала, и анализ данных, which can help them better track assets and even monitor the entire manufacturing process, and adjust product processes reasonably and effectively based on real-time data to reduce production errors and improve work efficiency.

  1. Use of Industrial Robots

Industrial robots have been used in the automobile production industry for a long time, but it has only been widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry in recent years. Electronics manufacturers use them for assembly, dispensing, механическая обработка, material handling, and picking, and they are useful at nearly every stage of production. The use of industrial robots can greatly improve work efficiency, и что более важно, they can complete work with high precision, reducing the possibility of errors and rework in production. В заключении, industrial robots are an essential tool in electronics manufacturing and will also drive the development of the EMS manufacturing industry.

  1. Shift from B2B to B2B2C

В прошлом, EMS manufacturing companies tended to operate in a B2B business model, but in recent years another more favorable business model has emerged, namely B2B2C. This new operating model, с одной стороны, can reduce costs by eliminating middlemen and allow electronics manufacturers to directly contact customers; с другой стороны, manufacturers can control their own brands and pricing through the B2B2C model, and harvest more target customer data, increasing customer satisfaction.

  1. Использование ERP-систем

Use of Industrial Robots

Another very important trend in the electronics manufacturing industry is the use of ERP systems. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a great tool that can help electronics manufacturers expand their business. Through this system, manufacturers can obtain real-time information and respond quickly to adjust their business strategies. Кроме того, changing the system is conducive to optimizing internal work processes, and improving work efficiency and productivity, so as to better serve customers and better meet customer needs.

  1. Эффективное использование цепочки поставок

A complete and reliable supply chain can help electronics manufacturers improve their competitiveness in the market and bring them many benefits, as more and more suppliers begin to manage their supply chains. Первый, a good supply chain allows manufacturers to obtain reliable raw materials at a lower cost, and can also reduce production delays due to insufficient supply of raw materials. Ну наконец то, suppliers from around the world can provide manufacturers with the latest market news, so that manufacturers can plan ahead and take corresponding actions such as increasing inventory. Следовательно, the use of supply chain has become another important trend in the EMS manufacturing industry

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