Top 10 Dostawcy PCB w Japonii

Will jest biegły w komponentach elektronicznych, Proces produkcji PCB i technologia montażu, oraz posiada bogate doświadczenie w nadzorze produkcji i kontroli jakości. Na założeniu zapewnienia jakości, Will dostarcza klientom najefektywniejsze rozwiązania produkcyjne.
Top 10 Dostawcy PCB w Japonii 2022

Japonia jest jednym z największych rynków PCB w regionie Azji i Pacyfiku oraz jedną z globalnych baz produkcyjnych PCB. Z zaawansowaną technologią produkcji PCB, Japonia dominuje na światowym rynku FPC średniej i wysokiej klasy. It is capable of producing various high-end printed circuit boards, and its products are mainly high-end HDI boards, packaging substrates, and high-layer flexible boards.If your project has high requirements for the PCB used, it is a wise move to choose to cooperate with a Japanese PCB manufacturer. But facing thousands of PCB suppliers in Japan, do you feel that you don’t know where to start? W tym artykule, wymieniliśmy górę 10 PCB suppliers in Japan. It is always a good choice to cooperate with these top manufacturers, czytajmy dalej.

Top 10 Dostawcy PCB w Japonii


Założony w 1961, CMK Group is headquartered in Japan and has branches in the United States, Europa, Chiny, i Tajlandii, w sumie 4656 pracowników na całym świecie. With its rich experience, Zaawansowana technologia, and customer response speed, it has become one of the best PCB suppliers in Japan. The group provides a wide array of PCBs including double-sided printed circuit boards, multi-layer printed circuit boards, built-in wire boards, environmentally friendly printed circuit boards, and rigid-flexible circuit boards, and is especially good at providing automotive PCB services. The total production area of printed circuit boards produced within one year is 4 million square meters, 82% of which are automotive PCBs. The group has obtained the international quality management system standard ISO9001, the automotive industry international standard ISO/TS16949 (IATF 16949), and the environmental management system international standard ISO14001 certification.


Założony w 1912, Ibiden is headquartered in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, Japonia. W tym czasie, they were a power generation company. After decades of development, the company’s business and products have gradually diversified, including building materials, płytki z obwodami drukowanymi, and ceramic fibers. Dzisiaj, this company’s main business is electronics manufacturing, producing electronics-related products such as printed circuit boards and IC packaging. Focusing on printed circuit boards for high-end smartphones, it provides high-function, high-density printed circuit boards and supports the production of important components for small and high-function products. They have a 50% market share in Europe, and their clients include Apple, Intel, and PSA Group.

Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Sp. z o.o.

Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, Ihara Electronic Industries has been committed to developing and manufacturing various printed circuit boards, urządzenia medyczne, electronic control equipment, and measuring instruments for customers. With the business philosophy ofproviding valuable services”, they have become one of the most popular Japanese PCB suppliers. They provide PCB design services, parts assembly, and system design services, and are proficient in various PCBs, z PCB FR4 to metal, CEM-3 PCBs, and high-multilayer, duża gęstość, and high-frequency circuit boards. Industries they serve include automotive, przemysłowy, i lotniczym. This company pays great attention to the control of product quality, and all production processes comply with UL, ISO 9001, and ISO14001 standards.

Kawasaka Process Co., Sp. z o.o

Kawasaka was founded in 1981 and is located in Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture, Japonia. They provide professional one-stop PCB services including design, produkcja, and sale. They are proficient in handling various PCBs, from one side to multi-layer PCB, from flexible, rigid to flex-rigid printed circuit boards, Ponadto, they support transparent PET flexible material. Their flexible PCB services allow them to complete prototypes and volume production very quickly and ensure the best results and product quality for their customers. Dodatkowo, they have experienced designers who have designed PCBs for customers in various markets such as consumer electronics, samochody, przemysłowy, i tak dalej.

Meiko Electronics Co.

Meiko is one of the most reliable PCB suppliers in Japan, established in November 1975, offering a wide range of PCBs for high-end applications such as high-density and high-function printed circuit boards for smartphones, high heat dissipation and high current circuit boards used in automotive engine rooms and solar power generation equipment. Co więcej, the company provides reliable PCB design services. By using the most advanced CAD system, they can quickly design the best PCB layout even in a limited space. Dodatkowo, they provide services such as component procurement, testowanie, and transportation to help customers flexibly respond to market changes.

Nippon Mektron

Nippon Mektron is a global leader in the manufacture of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs). Originally founded in 1969 as a subsidiary of NOK Corporation, Nippon Mektron designs, produces and sells various types of FPCs including single-sided, dwustronna, wielowarstwowe, wysoka prędkość, and automotive grade boards. Z ponad 550 employees across operations in Japan, Chiny, Tajwan, Tajlandia, Malaysia and the United States, Nippon Mektron has grown to command an approximate 30% worldwide market share in FPCs. Their products end up in everything from smartphones and laptops to cameras, cars and medical equipment. Nippon Mektron aims to support the advancement of electronics worldwide through the continued development of FPC technology and reliable products.

OKI Circuit Technology

OKI Circuit Technology was established in October 2012 and merged with OKI Printed Circuits, a printed circuit board manufacturer under the OKI Group, in April 2021. It currently has 754 employees and grows up to be one of the best PCB manufacturers in Japan. The company provides integrated PCB services, from design and manufacturing to assembly and sales, and is committed to achieving new standards in printed circuit board performance, funkcjonalność, and quality, thereby enhancing the added value provided by electronic devices. Dodatkowo, they have rich experience in PCB design and can develop circuit boards for various electronic products including high-speed PCB, sztywno-elastyczna płytka drukowana, itp. Their high-quality service, extensive design expertise, competitive cost, and fast delivery make them one of the top-tier PCB suppliers in Japan.

Shinko Electric Industries Co., Sp. z o.o.

Założony w 1968, YKC Corporation is headquartered in Kodaira, Tokio, and has production plants in China and Thailand. Its main services include the design, produkcja, and sales of various printed circuit boards used for electrical appliances, części samochodowe, and LED lights, such as double-sided, wielowarstwowa płytka drukowana, thin rigid PCB, elastyczna płytka drukowana, Płytka LED, itp. They provide rapid PCB prototyping as well as small batch production services, which can help customers develop new products in a short period of time. Co więcej, they follow strict quality control standards and have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Tokai Shinei Electronics Industry Co., Sp. z o.o

Założony w 1969, Tokai Shinei Electronics Industry provides one-stop PCB solutions. From PCB design, and manufacturing to sales, oni cię kryją. Their in-house production allows them to better control product quality, they use advanced production equipment as well as inspection equipment, and from prototype to mass production, they can respond quickly and deliver on time while ensuring quality. They have obtained ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, i ISO 9001:2015 certifications and are committed to pursuing high technology and high quality. The PCB they provide ranges from the ordinary rigid board (through hole), BVH substrate (Blind Via Hole) to impedance board, and the industry’s first PIERD board (the company has obtained a patent).

Yamamoto Mfg. Współ., Sp. z o.o.

Yamamoto Manufacturing was established in June 1945, formerly known as Kokueki Manufacturing Inc. It has branch offices and factories around the world, including California, Hongkong, and Dongguan, Chiny, their global location and flexible service enable them to make quick responses to customers worldwide. They are a trusted high-quality PCB manufacturer in Japan, specializing in high-density, multi-layer PCB production with the ability to handle double-sided sheets as well as PCBs up to 50+ warstwy. Dodatkowo, they also provide PCB design services. They have extensive experience in offering PCB layout design services for customers in diverse industries such as medical, automobilowy, przemysłowy, i tak dalej.

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This article introduces the top 10 PCB suppliers in Japan and aims to provide readers with some references to help them better understand the excellent PCB suppliers in this country. Dodatkowo, it can also help those people who need to find PCB manufacturing partners in Japan and make a better choice. If you have any suggestions or ideas, Proszę Skontaktuj się z nami omówić je razem!

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