EP4CE15E22C8N Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX9'a Karşı

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EP4CE15E22C8N Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX9'a Karşı

We usually hear questions like “ Is Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15E22C8N or Xilinx Spartan-6 proper for my PCB tasarımı?”, veya “Kapasiteleri ne kadar?”. Although both of them are FPGA, there are some differences between these two if we explore their specification carefully.

Know About the Specification of Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15E22C8N

modeli EP4CE15E22C8N
Tür FPGA-Programmable
RoHS Evet
Aile Cyclone IV E
Logic Element Quantities 15408
Logical birrray Blocks 963 LAB
Work Voltage 1V to 1.2V
Work Temperature 0-70 centigrade degree
PCB Assembly Technique SMS
Package QFP-144
Maximum Work Frequency 200NHz
Total Memory 504 Kb
Ağırlık 110G
User I/O Banks 8
Maximum user I/O 343

EP4CE15E22C8N in Altera Cyclone IV family gains much popularity from PCB component buyers. Her şeyden önce, it contains 15408 logic elements, which is not the top one among its family but sufficient to handle the requirement of most PCB designs. Rağmen 504 Kbits embedded memory and 56 embedded 18×18 multipliers are of middle level in the product range, it possesses the largest amount of general-purpose PLL(Phase Locking Loop), totally four units. dışında, 20 global clock networks, which is the best configuration in this product range, are equipped in EP4CE15E22C8N. When it comes to the Input or output, we highly recommended due to its good cost performance since EP4CE15E22C8N has eight user I/O bank with 343 maximum user I/O.

Daha ne, it is packed in the form of QFP-144 and weights about 110 G. The work voltage for it is from 1V to 1.2V. The work temperature range for it is 0 için 70 centigrade degree. En son ama en kötü değil, it is programmable for specific requirement if you have a good command of integrated circuits and computing knowledge.

Know About the Specification of Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX9

Brand Xilinx
modeli XC6SLX9
Tür FPGA-Programmable
Aile Spartan-6
Logic Cells 9152
Configurable Logic Blocks Slice: 1430


Max Distributed RAM: 90Kb

Work Voltage 1.2V
Work Temperature -40 için 100 centigrade degree
PCB Assembly Technique SMS
Maximum Work Frequency 1080NHz
RAM Block 18Kb:32

Maks.: 576 Kb

Total I/O Bank 4
Max User I/O 200

XC6SLX9 also perform well as EP4CE15E22C8N with its unique construction. sahip 9152 logic cells and configurable logic blocks with 1430 slices, 11440 Filp-Flops and 90Kb distributed RAM. When it comes to digital signal processing, sixteen DSP48A1 slices carried by XC6SLX9 are so versatile, serving as multiplier, multiplicative accumulator, pre-adder/subtracter, follow-by multiplicative accumulator, follow-by multiplier adder, wide bus multiplexer, amplitude comparator, and wide counter. For memory, there is 32 RAM block with 18 Kb capacity. And four I/O banks with a maximum of 200 user I/Os.

Compare Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15E22C8N to Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX9

Different Logic Structure Between EP4CE15E22C8N Vs. XC6SLX9

A logic element, which contains four LUT and one Filp-flops, is the basic unit of logic structure for EP4CE15E22C8N. Tersine, a configurable logic block is the fundamental unit of logic structure for XC6SLX9, containing eight LUT.

Different Quantities of Logic Resource Between EP4CE15E22C8N Vs. XC6SLX9

From the perspective of logic resource, Cyclone IV EP4CE15E22C8N perform better than XC6SLX9. 15408 logic elements are equipped in it. Başka bir deyişle, it carries 61632 LUT ve 15408 filp-flops(FF). XC6SLX9, ancak, comes with only 1430 slice and 11440 FF. That means only 5720 LUT and 11440FF is equipped.

Different Input and Output Between EP4CE15E22C8N Vs. XC6SLX9

In terms of I/O, EP4CE15E22C8N has good competitive edge than XC6SLX9. sahip 8 user I/O banks and 343 maximum user I/O, while XC6SLX9 is just on a half level with 4 I/O banks and 200 maximum user I/O.

Different Application Between EP4CE15E22C8N Vs. XC6SLX9

With more logical units, memory resources and I/O interfaces, EP4CE15E22C8N is more professional in high-speed signal transmission and serial interface protocols. This suits it for complex applications that require high performance and high-speed data transmission, such as high-performance digital signal processing, high-speed communications and video processing.

XC6SLX9 features high cost performance, low power consumption and high reliability, so it is more suitable for middle and low-end applications that are cost sensitive or require large-scale IO interfaces, such as general digital logic, combinatorial logic, sequential logic and other applications. It is popular in the field of digital signal processing, image processing, communication and other fields.


Özetle, whether choose EP4CE15E22C8N or Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX9 depends on the practical requirements of your PCB. And a proper chip must be important for a useful PCB.

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