HDMI RF モジュレーターの統合購入ガイド

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HDMI RF モジュレーターの統合購入ガイド

デジタル時代に, HEMI RF変調器は家庭だけでなく公共の場でも欠かせない電子機器です. したがって、このテキストでは, we will offer an integrated guide on how to purchase an HDMI RF modulator, including its definition, 利点, purchase considerations, and five recommended modulator designs.

Can You Convert HDMI to RF?

最初, prepare an AV line and a coaxial cable signal line. 2番目, insert one end of the AV line into the AV input port of the converter, and then connect the other end to the AV output port of the set-top box. 第三, the coaxial TV signal cable should be inserted into the RF input port of the TV and the RF output port of the converter.

What Is HDMI RF Modulator?

HDMI radio frequency modulator is a processor for converting the video and audio signals of high-definition HDMI to digital signals. Carrying with a professional RF converting technique, it transports the multi-channel radio frequency signal through a coaxial cable. The receiver restore the radio frequency signal to high-definition audio and video signal which can be displayed by the TV.

It can be applied in various situations. Such as

  • Security monitoring system
  • Multimedia information publishing system
  • Digital signage HD transmission
  • Home cable TV system
  • HD video conferencing system
  • Train vehicle and platform HD video transmission
  • Bus station passenger information display system
  • Airport multimedia information release system
  • Supermarket and store HD advertising system

Is An RF Modulator The Same as A Digital Converter?

They are not the same in working principle and application.

A digital converter is an electronic device for converting one form of digital data into another. 例えば, a digital converter can convert an analog signal to a digital signal, or reversely a digital signal to an analog signal. あれは,a converter box demodulate a signal but also is capable of decoding any encrypted data in the signal. The device is commonly applied to computers, communication system, control system and measurement system.

対照的に, RF modulator is used for modulating a certain frequency with an injected video or audio signal.

Benefits of Using An HDMI RF Modulator

HD Transmission

HDMI signal transmitters support HD resolution and multiple audio formats, such as Dolby Digital and DTS. It offers clear and realistic audio-visual experience to users.

Long-distance Transmission

HDMI signal transmitters extend the transmission distance of HDMI signals, allowing users to use high-definition devices in different rooms.

Stable Transmission

The HDMI signal transmitter ensures the stable transmission of the signal and avoid signal interruption or distortion, so users would have a smooth, stay-free high-definition audio-visual entertainment experience.

Multi-device Connection

HDMI signal transmitters can connect multiple devices at the same time, giving users the freedom to use different devices without limitation.

Factors to Consider When Choosing An HDMI RF Modulator

When choosing an HDMI cable transmitter, the first thing you need to determine is how long the transmission distance. 一般的に言えば, the HDMI cable transmitter signal can reach above 70-100 meters long through a single CAT5E/CAT6/CAT7 cable. If your required distance is only 50 メートル, you can choose the type with 70-meter transmission long.

加えて, it is necessary to check whether the HDMI cable transmitter supports the required high-definition format. 例えば, the device with transmission distance of 100 meters supports 1080P resolution ratio, while the device with 70-meter transmission 4K60 resolution ratio.

The Best HDMI RF Modulators Design in 2024

1. DVB-T Modulator

DVB-T Modulator

名前 1 CH Full HD DVB-T Modulator
Rf input/output Connector Female TYPE-F
Rf input/output Impedance 75 オーム
HDMI input/output Connector HDMI JACK
HDMI input/output Compatible format Auto /480I/ 480P /576I /576P/720P/1080I/1080P
Supply Voltage AC100V~240V 50Hz/ 60Hz
Power Consumption Max 10W Max in AC input
USB2.0 Connector USB2.0 JACK

2. 700m HDMI to RF Coaxial Modulator

2.700m HDMI to RF Coaxial Modulator

名前 700m HDMI to RF Coaxial Modulator
Audio encoding MPEG2
Coaxial cable RG6,RG7,RG11 etc
Frequency point: 100-1000M
RF connector Imperial system (75Ω Type F)
Support HDMI Graphics resolution Up to 1920×1080@60HZ
Effective bit rate Max 31.9M bits
挿入損失 <2dBm
RF TX output Consumption +0dBm


3. Twelve Channels HDMI RF Modulator

Twelve Channels HDMI RF Modulator

名前 Twelve Channels HDMI RF Modulator
Input 8/12 HDMI, IP input, 1dvb-c tuner for option
ビデオ mpeg4/h.264
出力 IP, ASI for option
BISS De-scrambling
タイプ CATV encoder modulator


4. Sixteen Channels HDMI RF Modulator

Sixteen Channels HDMI RF Modulator

名前 Sixteen Channels HDMI RF Modulator
Input 16 HDMI or 16 AV
Output RF Output
HDMI Video encoding H.264
AV Video encoding MPEG2
output level output level
解決 マックス 1920*1080 30P
Bit Rate 2-19.5Mbps
Constellation 64QAM
Output Frequency Range 45-860MHz, 0.1MHz Step
Power DC 5V/ 1A


5. Twenty-four Channels HDMI RF Modulator

Twenty-four Channels HDMI RF Modulator

名前 Twenty-four Channels HDMI RF Modulator
管理 Web-based NMS
Dual Power Supply support
Hot-swappable Slots 6
RJ45 Port 4xGigabit
Video Codec HEVC/H.265 H.264
Audio Codec AAC AC3 MPEG1L2


If you want more buyer’s instruction or want to customize a batch of HDMI RF modulator in any design, お気軽にどうぞ お問い合わせ.

Ryan は MOKO のシニア電子エンジニアです。, この業界で10年以上の経験を持つ. PCBレイアウト設計を専門としています, 電子設計, および組み込み設計, 彼は、さまざまな分野の顧客に電子設計および開発サービスを提供しています, IoTから, 導いた, 家電に, 医療など.