PCB en aluminium

Why Choose MOKO for Aluminum PCB


MOKO has extensive experience in providing aluminum PCBs to customers in different industries. We are a professional team covering engineering, fabrication, and customer service. As an expert in aluminum PCBs, we can always offer the best solution based on your project requirements.

Assurance qualité

Assurance qualité

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly ensure the high quality of each aluminum PCB. We have stringent quality control processes, before delivery, all PCBs would go through a series of inspections and tests including automatic optical inspection, examen aux rayons X, and functional test. Working with us can save you from quality problems.

Délai d'exécution rapide

MOKO manufactures aluminum PCBs using industry-leading technology and cutting-edge equipment that dramatically increases productivity, from prototyping to low-volume, production à grand volume, Qui sommes nous, we can deliver products in a fast turnaround. en outre, we work with reliable shipping companies to ensure on-time delivery.

Aluminum PCB Cases at MOKO

LED aluminum PCB
LED aluminum PCB
Smoke detector aluminum PCB
aluminum PCB for alarm
Aluminum PCB for alarm

Capacités de PCB en aluminium de la technologie MOKO

1-50 couche
Matériel PCB
FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 sans halogène, CEM-1, CEM-3, Hight TG, Aluminium
Épaisseur du panneau
0.2mm à 7 mm
Max. Taille du panneau fini
500mm * 500 mm
Min. Taille de trou percé
Min. Largeur de ligne
Finition de surface
NECK / NECK sans plomb, Or chimique, Étain chimique, Immersion or Immersion
Épaisseur de cuivre
0.5 à 4,0 oz
Couleur du masque de soudure
Noir / Blanc vert / Bleu / Jaune / rouge
Tolérance de trou
PTH: ± 0,075, NTPH: ± 0,05

Applications of Aluminum PCB

Aluminum printed circuit boards are among the most broadly and ordinarily utilized PCB. The application areas for aluminum printed circuit board includes:

  • Outils d'éclairage chirurgical
  • Scanners haute puissance
  • Electronic Control
  • Systèmes de transmission de puissance
  • Tableaux de bord automobiles
  • Power Modules
  • L'éclairage intérieur
  • Audio Equipments
  • Éclairage paysager

Our Certifications

MOKO has obtained many certifications including ISO9001:2015, ROHS, BSCI, IPC, et UL, which demonstrates our commitment to stringent PCB quality control.

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