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MOKO has been offering, Surface Mount (SMT), Through-Hole, BGA, Cable & Wire Harness, Box Build assembly services for more than 13 years. Using a team of seasoned manufacturing engineers and associates, MOKO has established a name for itself in the contract electronics manufacturing industry as a leader in SMT printed circuit board (PCB) assembly solutions.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • SMT production capacity: 5 SMT Lines(10 million chips per day (0402, 0201 with 8 million per day)
  • DIP production capacity: 3 Production Lines(1.2 million pcs per day)
  • 3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)
  • Fine pitch assembly down to 01005, 0201 size
  • High accuracy placement-down to 4mil(0.1mm) pitch devices
  • Single or double-sided placement
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  • Box Build Assembly

We Guarantee


100% E-test

2-Year Warranty

PCB Assembly Service

PCBA Production Equipment & Lines

Main Production and Inspection equipment (5 SMT LINE 3DIP LINE)

Full-automatic Screen Printer-DSP1008

Yamaha YG200 SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV88-XG SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV100XGP SMT Equipment

Reflow Soldering XPM2820

Automatic Wave Soldering WS-4501

Automatic Insertion Machine

X-ray UNI-AX8200

SMT Line

DIP Line

Soldering Line

Production Assembly Line

Main PCBA Equipments List

Testing System

MOKO’s team of engineers work closely with customers to develop the most efficient and cost-effective method to test each PCB assembly. They offer the possibility to integrate in-circuit testing, 100% functional testing, calibration/adjustment of the test object, parameter setting (e.g. an EEPROM), installing software (e.g. in FLASH), optoelectronic assembly control, high-voltage testing, and other technologies.

Utilizing our proprietary tracking system, MOKO operates a rigorous five-stage quality control system that includes: incoming article inspection, in-process quality control, assembly complete function aging test, first article inspection, final inspection and out-of-box audits. The result is a high level of product quality and low customer return rate.

Electronic Test – Probe Test

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated X-Ray Inspection(AXI)

Function Testing With Test Jig

Lead Time of PCB Assembly

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