Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

Introduction: We can provide standard and simple wiring harness assemblies, or custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies at shortest turnaround times.

Wiring Harness & Cable Harness Assembly Services

At MOKO, we have over 15 years of experience providing the highest quality custom cable and harness assemblies to high-tech customers worldwide. We offer discrete cable and wiring harness assemblies for a variety of cables types, including flat ribbon, RF, optical and multi-conductor cables. We leverage our various processes, such as manufacturing, ultrasonic welding and injection molding, to deliver superior products and services.

MOKO offers full turnkey cable and wire harness assembly services for prototypes thru medium volume. Fast delivery, components procurement, assembly, and 100% continuity testing.

We have the excellent team to assist you with real-time and effective communication to handle any ECO’s that may occur while your cables are in the Assembly process.

Total Turnkey Manufacturing Capability

100% Quality Inspection and Testing

Production Flexibility

Advance Return Depot

Sub-System Assembly

Engineering Services

  • Design and Development
  • CAD Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Testing and Evaluation

Our harness assemblies can be manufactured with wide array of features, and meet various industrial standards. We also provide both box-build and clean room assembly (Class 10,000) in addition to testing for continuity and functionality. We take quality seriously, our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified; we employ rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that all our products meet the same high standards. To learn more about our custom cable and harness assembly services, Please contact us directly.

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