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We are committed to providing the most reliable through hole PCB assembly service, from prototypes to full production runs.

MOKO Is A Through Hole PCB Assembly Expert

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Through-hole PCB assembly is still a very popular technique for assembling electronic components today, inserting electronic components through holes in the PCB and soldering the components to the board by wave soldering or hand soldering. At MOKO Technology, we have complete through hole PCB assembly capabilities that enable us to serve customers from different industries well. We are capable of handling almost all types of printed circuit boards, whether it is a single-layer PCB, a double-sided PCB, or a high-density multi-layer PCB.

Why Choose Our Through Hole PCB Assembly Service

Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

We have all the knowledge and techniques required for PCB assembly, and all our staff has been rigorously trained to the IPC 610 standard.

Quick Turnaround Times

Quick Turnaround Times

We have 3 DIP lines that are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and proficient operators, which allows us to deliver products at very fast turnaround times.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

MOKO is fully certified, and our certifications such as ISO9001, ISO13485, IPC610, ROHS, and UL prove our commitment to stringent quality control.

Manual & AutomatedThrough Hole PCB Assembly Services

At MOKO, we perform both manual and automated through hole PCB assembly according to different project requirements. Generally speaking, we do hand component insertion and hand soldering for highly complicated assembly projects and use automated through-hole PCBs techniques for small-volume production.

Manual & AutomatedThrough Hole PCB Assembly Services
Our Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

Our Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

We provide through-hole PCB services to a variety of industries including medical, electronics, instrumentation, and military, all thanks to our complete assembly capabilities:
• Hand soldering                                       • Dual wave flow solder
• Hand Insertion of components            • Automate axial or radial insertion
• RoHS soldering using tin-lead solder
• Use of high and low melting point solder
• Prototype build to high-volume assembly
• Functional test and automated inspection
• Support various types of PCBs including metal core PCBs, Rigid PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, FR4 PCBs, etc.

Through-hole PCB Assembly Testing and Inspection at MOKO

In-Circuit Testing: This type of testing is conducted for high volume production lines, and helps us check every minute soldering and other components in detail.

Automated Optical Inspection: Abbreviated as AOI, these tests are performed to ensure that product is free from soldering, component, and BGA defects.

Automated X-Ray Inspection(AXI): This testing is performed to inspect insufficient fills, short circuits, fills, etc. The automated X-ray inspection helps reduce the number of defects and improve the quality of the Through-Hole circuit.

Burn-in Tests: These tests detect components’ failure or reliability in real environments.

Assisted Visual Inspection: Our experts use a wide range of advanced visual inspection equipment to perform a detailed inspection of soldering and component placement accuracy.

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