Multilayer PCB

The multilayer PCB contains more than three conductive copper layers. Manufacturers glue and laminate various boards to form Multilayer PCB boards. These layers have a heat-protective insulation layer between different layers. Multilayer printed circuit boards come as a rigid PCB. Because it is a very difficult task to design a flexible PCB.

Multilayer PCB Lamination

Multilayer circuit boards come in various layers. The layers can be traces layers. Otherwise, it can be etched boards. You need a lamination bond between different layers in all cases. During the multilayer PCB manufacturing process, you need to put the internal layers under extreme pressure. The pressure can be from 275 to 400 psi. Moreover, the internal layers also need extreme temperature such as 375F. To cool down the layers, manufacturers release pressure and the high temperature slowly.

Benefits and Challenges of Multilayer PCB Boards

Multilayer circuit boards design has the following benefits:

  • It comes with higher density while comparing it with single-sided PCB and double-sided PCB.
  • No need for interconnecting cables at all. So, it is an optimal option for low weight PCBs.
  • Multilayer printed circuit boards have smaller sizes. So, these are space-efficient.
  • EMI is very easy and flexible.
  • These are durable and more powerful PCB types.

Here are some challenges of Multilayer circuit boards:

  • Multilayer PCB design has a higher cost as compared to other types.
  • These have some availability issues.
  • Due to its complexity, the production time is quite high.
  • Needed expert designer for multilayer PCB manufacturing.
Application of Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

Multilayer PCB design is an essential requirement for many electronic components. These components can be from intermediate to complex range. Here is some important application:

  • Atomic accelerators
  • File servers and data storage
  • Heart monitors
  • Fiber optic receptors.
  • Cat scan technology and other X-ray equipment
  • Repeaters and cellphone transmission
Things You Should Know Before Choosing Multilayer PCB Manufacturer

You must be familiar with different pros and cons of multilayer circuit boards. Moreover, you must know that multilayer boards are compatible with your application. If multilayer printed circuit boards are applicable for your product, you need to choose the best manufacturer. You should look for the following thing while hiring any company:

  1. Always look for product quality.
  2. Compare the prices of different companies before placing the order.
  3. Look at the minimum quality. Most companies don’t give compensation to the low volume.
  4. You should also consider customization options.
  5. Customer support is another important factor to consider.
Process and Optimization of Multilayer PCB Manufacturing

The manufacturing process of Multilayer boards is as follows:

  1. Designing: First and foremost, you need to have an effective PCB design.
  2. Photo Plotting: You can plot a film for each individual layer using laser photo-plotter.
  3. Etching: Apply pads and traces onto the circuit boards.
  4. Automated Optical Inspection: Inspect the designed and actual image on the panel. It helps you to catch any defect in the circuitry.
  5. Oxide: It is a chemical treatment to the inner layer before starting the lamination process.
  6. Lamination: it is a process to combine different layers of epoxy-infused fiberglass.
  7. Drilling: This process needs to create a hole to place different components on the circuit boards.
  8. Electronic copper deposition: deposit a thin copper layer to the surface of the panels.
  9. Dry film outer layer: This step helps in producing the panel for electroplate.
  10. Plate: You need copper plating onto the conductive pattern.
  11. Striping and Etching: In this step, the panel goes through the SES process.
  12. Solder Mask and Legend: Apply solder mask to protect the copper surface.
  13. Surface Finish: Remove the remaining exposed copper in this step.
Multilayer PCB Fabrication with MOKO Technology

It is very difficult to design and manufacture multilayer circuitry. If manufacturers are proficient, it is not a big deal. So, are you looking for Multilayer PCB China? MOKO Technology is the best option to consider for multilayer PCB boards. You will get the highest quality PCB at fair prices. For high volume PCB, you will have a good concession. This is even an ideal platform for low volume PCB manufacturing.

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