Laboratory& Equipment

MOKO pays much attention to building a smart factory by using advanced technologies and equipment. We have a full range of modern electronics production equipment, which allows us to handle low, medium volumes and large production runs without difficulty. On the other hand, we invest heavily in creating a laboratory that can perform the test of prototypes and final products with high accuracy and efficiency, making sure the products delivered to our customers are of high-quality.

Our Laboratory

Clean Room

Clean and tidy is the most basic requirement of the laboratory. In order to ensure that our laboratory is kept clean, we have developed a set of procedures. Anyone who enters and exits the clean area must follow it, including putting on clean clothes, disinfecting and so on.

Precise Equipment and Instrument

In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, we have adopted state-of-the-art equipment and precise instruments.

Microbial Limit Room

Sterile Room

Production Equipment

SMT Machine

We use the latest SMT machine for PCB assembly, which helps to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the surface mounting process.

Quality Control Equipment

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine

MOKO applies high-resolution automated optical inspection (AOI) machines to verify all component placements and solder joints. AOI machines are very important for electronics tests that can inspect faults early in production, thus, we can make a quick response to repair them and avoid large economic losses.

X-Ray Inspection Machine

By using the X-ray inspection machine, we can detect very tiny defects on the PCB even the hidden ones thanks to its high definition imaging. It allows us to inspect the solder joints underneath BGA and LGA/QFN parts for connectivity. In addition, X-ray machines can verify solder voids precisely to guarantee the quality of PCB.

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