Electronic Assembly

We are lucky to live in the 21st century as we have access to all sorts of electronic gadgets and devices. These luxuries are only possible through the electronic assembly. Through this profound thing, we are able to manufacture products and machines which make our lives easier. So, we no longer have to put in manual labor for most trivial of routine tasks. We have amazing coffee machines which don’t need any instructions, we have refrigerators, we have air conditioners, and we have smart homes. All thanks to the electronic assembly.

Electronic Assembly Services by MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology is a renowned company in the PCB industry that specializes in all kinds of the electronic circuit board assembly. From SMT to through-hole, we are experienced in everything.
Our Surface Mount PCB Assembly Services
We have 5 surface mount lines that are capable of catering to all sorts of electronic products. Our equipment and machines are configured in a flexible way so they can easily adjust to any rapid change. We cater to all sorts of client requests and deliver orders way ahead of the deadline. Our SMT lines are suitable for both the small runs and mass production. We assure you that our SMT lines meet the highest standard of performance.
Our Through Hole PCB Assembly Services
MOKO Technology is known for its excellent services in regard to Through Hole PCB Assembly. Our experts are highly-trained and well-understand the delicacies of thru-hole technology. We not only provide thru-hole manufacturing service but our setup also involves in-house testing. So, your thru-hole order will also receive complimentary testing. Our testing includes but is not limited to AXI, Burn-in Tests, and Automated Optical Inspection.
Our Value Addition to your Supply Chain
We take pride in the fact that partnering up with us will add immense value to your supply chain. We can handle design, manufacturing, and distribution on your behalf. MOKO Technology will also help you with making engineering prototypes, fabrication of box builds, and lead-free assembly.

What are the different types of Electronic Assembly?

There are various kinds of electronic assembly. However, we will only take a look at some of the major ones.

  1. Surface Mount Assembly
    We also refer to this type of assembly by the name of SMT or Surface Mount Technology. In this type of electronic assembly, we first place the electronic components on the PCB board. Then we directly joint these electronic components to the surface of the PCB. That is why we often refer to the PCB boards made through SMT as SMD or Surface Mount Devices. SMT is a recent term and back in the early days this technology was known by the name of “Planar Mounting”.
  2. Plated Through Hole Assembly
    Other names of this assembly include “thru-hole”. This electronic assembly involves drilling through holes into the PCBs. Once the holes are inserted then we place the electronic components assembly on the boards. After that, we solder pads on the other side of the PCB. We can perform the entire process manually but this way it becomes labor-intensive. So, we often tend to automate the process by using automatic mounting machines.
    Through-hole was the first technology that brought electronic assemblies to the mainstream. However, today we use through-hole assembly for heavier electronic products because it has a better ability to keep components together. Some examples of such electronic products include large semiconductors and supercapacitors.
  3. Electro-Mechanical Assembly
    We widely use electro-mechanical assembly for achieving a variety of our objectives. Some of these include control switches, generation of power, and automatic weight lifting. We use this type of assembly in complex applications that involve sophisticated electronic components. Consequently, we have to use delicate wiring and we have to practice extreme caution in our handling.
    Today, we often use this type of electronic assembly manufacturing in DC and AC power distributions. We also use it for manufacturing high-end products. Such as control systems, amplified mechanical tasks, hydraulic instruments, and digital interfaces.
What is Contract Electronic Assembly?

Contract electronic assembly means that a company outsources some of the assembly tasks to a third-party contractor or manufacturer. We can use contract electronic assembly in addition to or as a replacement of the in-house electronic assembly. Contract electronic assembly involves a variety of tasks such as PCB design, PCB manufacturing, functionality testing, prototyping, procurement, and engineering development.
What does the contract electronics assembly involve?
Contract Electronic assembly involves a wide range of assemblies and services. So, you can choose any set of them to work with your contractor. Here we are going to list a few of them.

  1. PCB thru-hole assembly
  2.  Mixed component assembly
  3. Conformal coating and testing services
  4. PCB layout
  5. Wire stripping services
  6. Electronic Assembly R&D
  7.  Cable, and Wire-harness assembly
  8. BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly
  9. PCB fabrication
  10. X-ray inspection Services
  11. Flex Circuit Board assembly
  12. SMT assembly
  13. Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  14.  AXI services
  15. Distribution Services
  16. Fabrication services
  17. Amplified Synthesis Services
  18. Lead-Free Assembly
  19. Box Build Services

Benefits of Contract electronic assembly
Experts strongly suggest that contract electronic PCB assembly significantly helps in reducing supply chain expenses. Therefore, it helps in reducing overall operational expenses. This type of assembly allows companies to increase their production capacity by delegating trivial and routine manufacturing costs to third parties. Some companies have taken this to the next level and they now operate without relying on any in-house manufacturing or fabrication capabilities.

  1.  Achieve Leaner Manufacturing Efforts
    If you choose this type of electronic assembly companies then your electronics products won’t require much effort. You should choose a contractor who is able to take care of your complex operations. The contractor must have the ability to effectively manage your resources. While your contractor takes care of this, you will have the opportunity to improve other functions such as customer service. You can, therefore, invest your in-house resources to more prospective opportunities. Hence, you will get far greater returns on your investments.
  2. Outsource Your Least Effective Products
    Supply chain experts often recommend companies follow the 80/20 rule. This means you need to identify such products that take up 80% of your resources but only generate 20% of revenue. You should then outsource such products to third-party manufacturers. This way you can focus on the 20% of products which generate 80% of your revenue. Hence, you will better use your resources and generate more revenue. Therefore, your profit margins will see exponential growth.
  3. Easily Manage Your Supply Chain
    When you work with a third-party contractor then your operations run smoothly. However, on top of that supply chain management becomes much easier as well. A contractor can help you out with the supply chain complexities. In this way, you can eliminate the risks within your supply chain. Meanwhile, things like logistics and transportation become much easier to handle.
  4. Reduce Manufacturing Time
    Most industrialists think of a time in terms of monetary value. If you own a company dealing in electronic products then you have to constantly meet the demands of your customer. If you have a third-party contractor working with you then you won’t have to worry so much about the tight timelines. So, your team will have a better focus on other things of greater priority. Relying on a contractor allows you to leverage the entire capabilities of your own team. Hence, contract assembly can help you in saving valuable time and money. On top of that, you will have much happier customers.
    If you run a manufacturing company which specializes in electronic products such as ACs or TVs then you must know the hassle of electronic assembly. You need to follow existing standards, set regulations, and the desired requirements. If you comply with all of these then your operational expenses will increase and you will have to commit a lot of time and resources. So, the best alternative is to lease out your PCB manufacturing to a reputable manufacturer through contract electronic board assembly.
  5. Enhance Product Quality
    If you partner up with a reputable contractor then the quality assurance of your products will significantly improve. Hence, you will have a much higher quantity and quality control. This way your final products will have much higher standards than anything on the market. So, your product will have high end licensing, testing, and efficiency. Hence, your products will have a higher level of innovation. Additionally, third-party specialists can provide you with many creative solutions to your existing problems.
    If you choose to go with contract electronic assembly services Inc. then it will allow you to exponentially scale your company operations. It will allow you to address your existing problems with brand new operations. You will have the capability to establish long-term relationships with your clients. Therefore, your products will capture a larger market share and your business will keep scaling up.

Applications of Contract Electronic Assembly
Companies mostly rely on this type of assembly when they have to deal with sophisticated products. This type of product includes smartphones, laptops, vehicle dashboards, communication gear, air conditioners, etc. This type of assembly is also in demand for products that move in high volumes. So, this type of products includes LED lights, medical instruments, lightweight devices, etc. Hence, the companies are looking for making highly efficient products which are economical to produce. Contractors are willing to take over a wide range of operations for their customers. These include manufacturing, R&D, logistics, transportation, distribution, supply chain, repairs, and even customer care in some cases.

How MOKO Technology Differentiate from Our Competition?

MOKO Technology provides contractual services so you can rely on us for any prospective third-party operations. So, if you own a company that deals in electronic products then you should consider us to handle your routine operations which are flushing your resources. If you let us perform your trivial operations then you can commit your resources on exploiting more opportunities. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, testing, repair, and even reflow of PCB assemblies. So, if you choose us for your contract electronic assembly services ltd then you will have the assurance that your operations are in trustworthy hands.
1. The Superior R&D
We take pride in the fact that we have superior R&D. Our research and development allow us to ensure that we are constantly innovating. This enables us to consistently develop new products which are of premium quality. Hence, we are always ahead of our competitors when it comes to new domains of technology.
2. Best Supply Chain & Logistics
Our Supply Chain and Logistics is one of the best you can ever come across. We have effectively integrated our packaging management into our ERP system. Therefore, our ERP allows us to do efficient cost optimization. So, if you choose to work with us then you will have the assurance that you will incur the minimum costs.
3. Quality Assurance
MOKO Technology believes in taking extra steps to ensure that the quality of our products is far greater than anything on the market. Hence, our products are much more reliable, durable, and highly efficient. MOKO Technology also has ISO 9001 certification which attests to our credibility as a manufacturer. Hence, working with us will allow you to have the peace of mind that your products are in safe hands.
4. In-house Testing Services
In our efforts to provide a unique value proposition, we provide in-house testing services to our partners. So, if you work with us then you will have access to all of our testing services. Our testing services include First Article Inspection, Automatic X-ray Inspection, and Automated Optical Inspection to name a few. Therefore, placing an order with us will allow you to have complementary testing services.
5. High Volume PCB Assembly
We take pride in the fact that we have mass production capabilities. Our high- volume manufacturing capabilities give us a significant edge over our competitors. We have the capacity to produce over 100 million PCBs per month. Our compliance with international standards and the expertise of our employees is an added benefit.

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