Design Services

Our design services help customers to reduce production costs, increase quality and accelerate time-to-market.

Design Services

Our design services help customers to reduce production costs, increase quality and accelerate time-to-market.

MOKO Technology Offers Superior Design Services

MOKO Technology has extensive and professional design and engineering capabilities to provide customers with flexible design solutions. We can provide turnkey design services. Customers only need to give us a concept, and we can bring customers a feasible design solution. In addition, we can also cooperate with the customer’s design team to jointly design products, help customers review the feasibility of the scheme, reduce risks, and improve product quality. In addition, we provide rapid prototyping services to speed up product launches, and we manufacture high-quality products using state-of-the-art process technologies.

Why Choose Us

Rich Experience

We provide design services to customers from more than 30 countries around the world, involving many industries such as medical, automotive, communication, and the Internet of Things.

Extensive Expertise

Our expertise covers product design, rapid prototyping, product reliability, testing, etc. The one-stop solution allows us to better support our customers.

Quality Assurance

Our design team will evaluate and review all designs to ensure their feasibility, and the designed products are strictly verified and tested.

Accelerate Time to Market

Our design team understands different quality standards and can design the right product and circulate it in the market quickly, speeding up time to market.

Design Services at MOKO

Electronic Design

MOKO has rich experience and a high level of expertise in electronic design, we specialize in FPGA design, Design for EMCRF Design, Low and Mid-Power Electronics Design, Compliance Engineering…

Mechanical Design

We provide vast mechanical design services including Design concept sketching, 3D CAD modeling, Design automation and CAD customization, and Remanufacturing reverse engineering.

Industrial Design

Industrial design services offered by MOKO cover a wide range, from market research, concept design, and 3D models, to prototype and manufacturing. Our experts can create functional and workable design solutions for your projects.

Embedded Design

MOKO provides one-stop embedded design solutions, we support customers throughout the project from modeling to the manufacturing of the embedded system to make sure the designed system can work well.

Design for Manufacturing

With our Design for Manufacturing(DFM) service, customers can save more costs and improve their market competitiveness. As we pay attention to both aesthetics in our designs and the cost and functions of products. 

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