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We provide precision electro mechanical assembly services and other integrated contract manufacturing services which make us unique in the market. We can assemble highly complex products and support customers in the electrical wiring of switches, panels and control cabinets as well.

We keep evolving our electro mechanical assembly capacities and upgrading the internal process to improve the quality and efficiency of our mechanical assembly work, making sure our customers can get the best electro mechanical assembly services.

Electro Mechanical Assembly By Outsourcing

Electromechanical assembly work is a complicated process as it requires assembling several electrical and mechanical devices that interact with each other and respond to received signals, and these devices include control panels, controllers, sensors, compressors and so on.

To finish such complex work, the experts who understand how to design, assemble and operate the electro mechanical products are needed. If your company lacks the expertise, then outsourcing the electro mechanical assembly work to a specialized contractor such as MOKO is a great choice, which can fill the expertise gap in your company and you can focus on other aspects of your business.

MOKO Technology is well-versed in different electrical and mechanical devices, and we have offered electro mechanical assembly service to customers in a wide range of industries. Our engineers would work with you throughout the project to offer a custom-tailored solution no matter how complex the assembly work is, making sure that you can get a high-quality electro mechanical assembly service that meets your requirements well. Outsourcing to MOKO helps you to shorten the project turnaround time and improve the market competitiveness of your company.

Advantages of Moko

Electromechanical Assembly Services at MOKO

In-house Machining Services

MOKO has in-house CNC machining capabilities, we are capable of machining almost any part with different geometric shapes. However, not all companies have such capabilities especially some small companies as the CNC machines are much expensive, and it is time-consuming to train workers how to operate these machines correctly. As we all know that machined parts have many advantages such as their great customization capabilities, which allow us to modify existing machines and develop new parts without difficulty. So if your company hasn’t CNC machining capabilities, you should go to MOKO, we are equipped with 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis milling machines to offer you the best machined parts.

Sub-assemblies Service

MOKO Technology provides our customers with customized and ready-to-use electromechanical subassemblies, which makes sure the compatibility and high performance of the different electrical and mechanical components. Sub-assemblies service at MOKO allows you to make upgrading easier, as you can apply the existing system when the new one is not ready to deploy, which helps to reduce the downtime and improve the productivity of your company significantly.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

MOKO offers turnkey PCB assembly services ranging from the procurement of parts to the manufacturing process and everything in between. MOKO is an experienced contract manufacturer who has more than 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing and assembly, we provide high-quality PCB assembly service that has satisfied many customers all over the world.

Engineering Support

MOKO Technology provides general electromechanical engineering support to our customers. Manufacturing systems involve a wide array of technologies, there are many problems or doubts you may meet during the process, but do not worry, our professional support team can help you out with a quick response within 24 hours.

MOKO Electromechanical Assembly Products

Electromechanical Assembly Products one
Electromechanical Assembly Products three
Electromechanical Assembly Products two

What is Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro mechanical assembly refers to a process that combines mechanical and electrical components and subassemblies to manufacture a device or create a system that uses electrical current to perform mechanical operation. The components and sub-assemblies that are integrated into the electromechanical assembly vary according to the parts installed and the application.

The assembly process requires skilled electromechanical assembly specialists who are professional in both electrical and mechanical components, which is very important as the choice of the component can impact the quality of the final products. In addition, they should also be well-versed in the electrical system fabrication such as the through-hole mounting, surface mounting process, soldering, and PCB design and layout.

Electro mechanical assembly services are used for a variety of industries and applications, such as automobile, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, communications, and so on.

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