Mixed Signal PCB Assembly

Essentially if you have both digital and analog signals, on the same printed circuit board it is called a mixed-signal PCB. This means that for mixed signal PCB design, we need to cater for components that work with each of the two types of signals while ensuring the noise from high power signals does not affect the low power analog signals. Hence this design has more complexity than normal PCB design. One of its examples is a Smartphone and lots of other everyday use devices.

Mixed Signal PCB Technology Capabilities

Mixed-signal PCB/IC design success enables the 3G cellular phones to actually become a common sight. It ensures that we can use wireless signals for electronic switching and then give signals to actuators that are connected to the same PCB board.
We can handle 4 different types of signals on the same hybrid PCB. We could have ARM processor or FPGA, along with power conversion, accompanied by high-speed serial communications and analog signals. We might have analog signal conditioning and processing in a typical application well.
It is also possible to add more types of circuits to this, for example, we could add RF design(RF circuits) and it would get further complicated.

Advantages of Mixed signal PCB

Mixed signal PCB is now very popular because using this design of the PCB board(hybrid PCB) actually reduces the cost in the long run. Thus mixed-signal IC’s are actually a staple in consumer electronics. Thus mixed-signal print circuit boards are great for prototyping and for low volume production as well. This board is best to incorporate custom designs efficiently.

Applications of Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

Applications are very wide-ranging, as an example: Consider a circuit running on a bus voltage of 24V. Now we might need 12V and 48 V for some actuators like relays or fans etc.
Then we also might need 5,3.3,2.5 or 1.8V for Microcontrollers or input-output voltages.
This is a very general representation of a lot of real-world systems. Examples include

  1.  Automatic temperature control system for a greenhouse
  2. Timer-based water sprinklers
  3. IoT connected home appliances like Air conditioner
  4. Electronic timer-based industrial water motor
  5. Infrared remote-controlled Television with digital amplifiers in its speakers
  6. FPGA controlled advanced industrial applications like robotic painting etc.
Why MOKO Technology for Mixed Signal PCB Assembly?

There are a lot of Hybrid Circuit manufacturers designers available who offer their services. However, as stated mixed signal PCB board design is even more complicated than simple PCB design. Thus it is essential to pick the right company for your design needs.

Moko technology is a trusted name in the hybrid circuit manufacturers list. This is a no mean feat as the company has had to maintain its standards of innovation, integrity, and value for over a decade. Moko Technology also has ISO9001:2015, ROHS certifications. Making it reliable and a perfect company for high quality, high precision projects.

With a deep belief in customer satisfaction, Moko technology is not just a PCB assembly service provider, rather it has in house hardware and firmware development and personalization. Thus the team is very well versed in all sorts of high-performance applications and is a safe choice for mixed signal PCBs design and assembly.

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