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Volume PCB Assembly Services

The world of PCB assembly manufacturer is changing rapidly. In order to provide superior production services, we permanently reinvent ourselves. Our PCB assembly services consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, price, and delivery. MOKO is committed to our customers’ growth and success. Our services extend beyond other PCB manufacturing and assembly Service Providers: more opportunities, more benefits, more reliability, and directly from the Chinese PCB assembly factory.

Electronic Assembly Services

  • Minimum 0.2 mm Pitch
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • One Step Solution
  • Free DFM Check
  • Low Your Cost
  • Through-Hole PCB Assembly

  • 3 DIP Assembly Lines
  • 4 Soldering Lines
  • Package on Package
  • Certified Components Sourcing
  • High Quality, Low Price
  • SMT PCB Assembly

  • 5 SMT Assembly Lines
  • 01005, 0201, 0402, 0805
  • AOI. X-Ray SPI, ICT Jig Test
  • 100% E-Test for Each PCBA
  • Capability: 100000+ pcs
  • LED PCB Assembly

  • 100% Original LED Chip
  • LED Driver PCBA
  • LED Control PCBA
  • Custom Hardware & Fimware
  • Capability: 100000+ pcs
  • PCB Design & Layout Services

  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Layout Services
  • IC Programming
  • Pro R&D Team(70 Engineers)
  • Electronic PCB Manufacturing Services

  • HDI, Rigid, Rigid-Flex, & Flex
  • 1-50 Layers
  • UL Certified Factory (E501497)
  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-5.0oz
  • PCB Manufacturing Capability

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    FR4 PCB
    FR4 PCB
    High frequency pcb
    High Frequency PCB
    Aluminum PCB
    Aluminum PCB
    heavy Copper PCB
    Heavy Copper PCB
    Rigid Flex PCB
    Rigid Flex PCB

    Volume PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly Projects

    Bare PCB Manufacturing
    Bare PCB Manufacturing
    IoT Smart Sensor PCB Assembly
    IoT Smart Sensor PCB Assembly
    Security Device PCBA
    Smart Home Devices PCBA
    Smart Home Devices PCBA
    Home Appliance PCB Assembly
    Home Appliance PCB Assembly
    LoRa Products Assembly
    LoRa Products Assembly
    Telecom PCB Assembly
    Telecom PCB Assembly
    Industrial Control PCB assembly
    Industrial Control PCB Assembly
    Payment & Energy Products PCB
    Payment & Energy Products PCB
    BLE & WIFI Module PCBA
    BLE & WIFI Module PCBA
    Medical Devices PCB Assembly
    Medical Devices PCB Assembly
    Wearable Devices Assembly
    Wearable Devices Assembly



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    Years of PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly


    Satisfied B2B Customers in 100 Countries


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    Certifications and Patent

    Are you trying to find a professional and reliable PCB assembly company? MOKO technology is the finest alternative for you. They are one of the leading China PCBA producers. They offer exceptionally high-quality boards at the most affordable feasible cost.

    MOKO PCB assembly factory and PCB manufacturing factory have gotten the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO13485, BSCI, UL certificate. Their customized products passed the UL, ETL, CE, FCC, BQB, Reach, MSDS, and RoHS standards for our customers.


    MOKO has grown to become a one-stop PCBA Manufacturer (including PCB manufacturing) for complete PCB assembly services. We are working hard to be the top-ranking company in the electronic manufacturing field. We are setting benchmarks in technology and innovation. We inspire our customers and our employees.

    As we know, it is really difficult to pick the best of the best PCB assembly company for your important products. Due to the fact that the PCBA is the heart of electronic gadgets, your solitary incorrect decision can lead you to the enormous loss.

    MOKO has numerous specialist as well as very experienced employees. So you will certainly get PCBA developed under the scrutiny of expert engineers. So they provide important guidance to the customers and aid them in selecting appropriate boards and PCB assembly of their requirements.

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