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Looking back on your daily life, have you noticed the growth of consumer electronics and automotive industries are affecting your life and work? Accordingly, it also drives the booming market of PCB Manufacture, which is expected to reach an estimated $89.7 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 4.3% from 2019 to 2024. Much of this market is currently controlled by PCB manufacturer China companies in places like Shenzhen, which is located in Southeastern China. However, the history of PCB booming in the United States can be traced back to 1950, which is far earlier than China entering this market.

So why can PCB Manufacturer China dominates the market rather than the United States? To solve the confusion for PCB procurements about choosing PCB manufacturer China or the US instead, we’ve listed the comparison between the United States and China.

Competitive factors of PCB manufacturer China

Key factors of top non-u.s. competitors indicates the price is the competitive of PCB manufacturer China
According to this report, the price was the dominant primary competitive factor in Non-U.S PCB manufacturer, accounting for 76 percent of responses, and China was the leading location, accounting for 67 percent of responses.

And the comparative advantages in various costs which result in lower finished bare PCB prices are:

  • Labor Costs
  • Material Costs
  • Equipment Costs
  • Environmental Compliance Costs
  • Building Space Costs
  • R&D Costs
  • Supplier Chain

Let’s take MOKO Technology Co., Ltd as an example, which is one of the leading SEM PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen, China.

Labor cost: As you know, Shenzhen is a fast-developing city that gathers many high-tech electronics and automotive industries, each company included MOKO requires clear division of labor, and due to the economic level of China compared to the US and easier access to skilled workers, the labor cost of MOKO is far cheaper than in the US.

Material cost: MOKO Technology was established since 2001, it’s proficient and experienced in manufacturing PCB and PCB assembly, and also established a stable relationship with accountable material supplier. For a PCB manufacturer that aims to win customers with high-quality and after-sale service, there are many audit processes to certified a material supplier, so the long-term relationship with material suppliers saves a lot of cost of MOKO Technology. Of course, it also doesn’t mean that there’s an opportunity for the material supplier to mix some poor material, from the material sourcing to the forming of a substrate and the performance testing of the final products, each process is under strict requirements and testing.

Equipment cost: Chinese high-end equipment is constantly replacing the import, recognized and ordered by the famous PCB enterprises at home and abroad as its high-quality and cost-saving, such as laser drilling machine, laser cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic laser imaging system (LDI), vertical continuous electroplating automatic line (VCP), automatic on and off detection. The main PCB special equipment/instrument representative companies in China are Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, Zhengye Technology, UCE Group, Shenzhen Mason Electronics Co., Ltd., and Ta Liang Technology Co., Ltd.

R&D Costs: Due to the overall economic and outcome level in China, the educated and experienced Engineers’ salaries and R&D equipment, relevant material and tooling are cheaper than in the US.

Supplier chain: As mass PCB production has shifted away from the U.S. towards Asia,especially Shenzhen, so China has the advantage of the industry supply chain.

Forty-five percent of BIS survey respondents stated that a reduction in U.S. companies that manufacture laminate and other circuit-board related materials has created supply problems for them.

Furthermore, Electronic Contract Manufacturing has been known historically to dramatically reduce supply chain costs, in some cases cutting them in half. ECM has made it possible for companies to shed all or most of their internal manufacturing facilities thereby freeing their valuable company resources for other productive business purposes. In some cases, Electronic Contract Manufacturing has enabled companies to operate without the need for internal manufacturing capabilities or internally-managed factories.

Many companies may choose to outsource their well-established longstanding products to an Electronic Contract Manufacturer, thereby allowing for a greater focus on internal operations for newer products of greater complexity which may have higher margins.

Competitive factors of PCB manufacturer US

The lead time and quality is the competitve adcantage of PCB U.S. vs. Non-U.S.
According to respondents, U.S. bare PCB manufacturers possess the comparative advantage in:
  • Lead Time
  • Quality
  • Performance

Through the comparison of the advantage between PCB manufacturer China & the US, I believe you’ve got a clear idea for choosing the PCB manufacturer between China and the US, so the next thing you should figure out is what you most concern when choosing a PCB manufacturer.

  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Lead time
  4. MOQ
  5. Design safety
  6. Experience & Expertise
  7. After-sale service

If you’re considering high-volume production and the price is the most essential factor for your market plan, then you should choose a PCB manufacturer in China as it can save you lots of money for other donate or patronage.

And of course, the quality should not be ignored, there are many excellent PCB manufacturers in the US with advanced equipment for ensuring the quality and lead time, and if your company is based on the US, maybe it would be convenient for you to visit the company.

But we know, for business, who don’t want to cooperate with a company that can be conformed to both cost and quality? And of course, to establish your long-term relationship with the PCB manufacturer, most of you would choose to start with a prototype or sample, which is a good way to decrease the deficit and finding out the problem before mass production.

So in such a condition, I suggest you find a reputable and certified experienced PCB manufacturer in China.

Located in Shenzhen, China, MOKO Technology is an expert at PCB Manufacturing and PCB assembly since 2001. MOKO covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters, and has over 250 employees, among them, there are 70 engineers for R&D team and 45 overseas sales for the business team.

PCB manufacturer China Cost:

Firstly, based on geography advantage, MOKO Technology can save a lot of costs like material, component sourcing, labor cost and so on.

Secondly, it has a professional complete procedure from the inquiry to shipping. After receiving the inquiry, MOKO Technology has a team to evaluate customers’ requirements and make an optimized scheme for you, for the material, you will be suggested to choose the suitable material that can perform best for the property.

Thirdly, MOKO Technology has the advantage of supplier chain and it’s experienced in EMS with a one-stop service, which only saves you lots of time and money.

PCB manufacturer China Quality:

  1. For the R&D cost, MOKO Technology has hired experienced 70 engineers
  2. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, IPC, and UL (PCB factory: E501497 94V-0; PCB assembly factory: E499341) standards
  3. Bare Board 100 % Visual Inspection & AQL on mechanical to IPC-600 Class II or III
  4. Assembly 100% Visual Inspection to IPC-610 Class II or III
  5. Polar TDR Impedance Testing
  6. PCB Board Net List Electrical Testing 100%
  7. Micro-section Evaluation and Reports
  8. PCB Assembly – ICT testing
  9. PCB Assembly – Functional Testing
  10. PCB Assembly – Burn-In-Testing
  11. X-ray for PC board registration
  12. X-ray for BGA and Component Verification
  13. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Lead Time of PCB Assembly:

MOKO provides 2-50 layered PCBs for fabrication, including HDI, Rigid, Rigid-Flex, & flex boards. From low quantity to mass production, with high quality, and quick turn available at a low cost.

And for the monthly capacity, it can manufacturer 30,000 square meters PCB and 400,000 pcs.


There’s no minimum order requirement, and for the sample, MOKO Technology can accept 10 pcs as MOQ.

Design safety:

About this issue, you can never worry about it as MOKO Technology will sign DOD Contracts with ITAR Registered

After-sale service:

Online Tracking

ERP Systematic order process, you can check the production status of the entire purchase order, and the whole product cycle time.

Professional sales:

 Whatever problems happening, you can be replied within 24 hours. There are 70 engineers to support you, including PCB design & PCB Layout, hardware design engineering, firmware & software development, and personalization.

One pair one timely customer order status feedback

MOKO Technology Ltd is a premiere turn-key PCB assembly manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing the best client service in the electronics manufacturing business. Your total satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will meet all your needs in PCB design and layout, PCB manufacturing, and circuit board assembly

MOKO Products application industries


 MOKO Technology can offer one-stop service for led light electronic parts focusing on ODM/OEM led PCBA, OEM LED control PCBA and OEM LED Driver PCBA.

It can design hardware, firmware, iOS/Android APP, plastic. If you have a Gerber file and BOM list, they also can offer OEM service for you.

What can MOKO Technology do for an LED project:

  1. PCB Design & Layout
  2. Reverse Engineering Service
  3. Fast PCB&PCBA Prototyping
  4. Components sourcing
  5. PCB Assembly
  6. Cable, Wire Assemblies, and Housing Assemblies
  7. Cover coating and glue
  8. Loading firmware & function testing and Aging testing

MOKO Technology produced lots of led PCBA, for example, UV LED PCBA for medical machine, UV LED PCBA for 3D printer, AC220V driverless led PCBA, AC110V driverless led PCBA, LED PCBA for street light, LED PCBA for tube light, LED PCBA for panel light, COB RGB LED PCBA for pool light, RGB LED PCBA for pixel light, LED PCBA for ceiling light, LED PCBA for traffic light, etc.

LED PCBA Design & Layout Cases:

led pcb manufacturer china

2> Telecom Electronics Manufacture & Assembly Service

MOKO Technology Ltd is a highly respected telecom PCB Assembly, telecom PCBA Manufacturer specializing in prototyping and small volume building in the highly complex area or telecom and industrial computing Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCBA), PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly service for leading OEMs.


Telecom Printed Circuit Boards Applications:

Phone switching systems

Signal boost online systems

Cell transmission and tower electronics

Satellite technology High-speed routers and servers

Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology

Space communications technology

Military communications systems

Video collaboration Information security technology

PBX systems Voice over internet protocol


Latest Telecom PCBA Cases:

telecom pcb manufacturer china

3> Consumer Electronics PCB FAB & Assembly Expert

To ensure a positive response from “end”-consumers, many customers from MOKO build on the quality and reliability provided from MOKO.

Latest Consumer Electronics PCBA Cases:

consumer electronics pcb manufacturer china

4> Automotive PCB FAB & Assembly Expert

MOKO offers world-class, custom-designed solutions for the automotive market including rapid prototyping, test and product development support with the highest level of quality and traceability to meet your unique requirements.

Latest Automotive PCBA Cases:

automotive pcb manufacturer china

5> Medical PCB FAB & Assembly Expert

MOKO Technology Ltd specializes in the medical PCB assembly and medical PCB production for medical companies of all sizes.

The workmanship of MOKO Technology Ltd can be found in many medical devices such as diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers, and handheld dental tools. 

Latest PCBA Cases:

medical pcb manufacturer china

6> Industrial PCB FAB & Assembly Expert

For several years, MOKO has worked with a variety of customers in the industrial market segment from sensors, conditioning systems for alternative energy, power monitoring systems, industrial controls as well as others with demanding environmental requirements.

Latest Industrial PCBA Cases:

industrial pcb manufacturer china

So after all this research above, I think choosing the most suitable PCB manufacturer according to your concern is a wise choice. Whatever it’s PCB manufacturer China or PCB manufacturer the US, make sure you’ve been clear about your concerns and know your supplier well!

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Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions.
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