New Product Introduction

Fundamentally, the new product introduction(NPI) process is complex. A new product can contain hundreds to thousands of new parts, each of which may involve unique design, specifications, development and other specialized requirements

MOKO realizes that a successful new product introduction demands that integration of the product design and the design processes align seamlessly with your product strategy. Our NPI process helps customers launch complex products by providing extensive manufacturing, test and engineering expertise.

At MOKO, we ensure our customers get a quick turn on their PCB assembly services and provide both scalabilities for volume manufacturing and the flexibility to respond to your needs – meeting your quality, delivery and price requirements.

Proven NPI & Transfer Process

When you partner with MOKO, you will receive the benefits of experience with launching new products by leveraging our learned best practices, knowledgeable resources and unique global footprint. MOKO’s proven NPI process helps OEMs launch complex products by providing quality manufacturing and superior engineering services as well as flexible NPI program management methods and worldwide logistics.

NPI service process

DFM Services

Using our Design for Manufacturing(DFM) service, we begin the manufacturing process by first reviewing your SMT assembly design to develop the most appropriate manufacturing process, including the soldering process.Our DFM advisory service detects problems early in the manufacturing process and generally obtains cost savings.

DFM Service
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