Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Thailand

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Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Thailand 2022

Printed circuit board (PCB ) fabrication in Thailand is an important industry in the country, there are thousands of PCB suppliers in Thailand, large and small, to provide PCB manufacturing services to customers from all over the world. According to statistics, approximately 13.4 billion Thai baht was the recorded sales figure for printed circuit board assembly in Thailand during April 2023.

Thailand has cheap labor and a mature electronics manufacturing industry chain, so many companies are more willing to cooperate with Thai PCB manufacturers, but do you know how to find a suitable PCB manufacturer? There are many factors you need to consider, such as PCB quality, manufacturer’s capabilities, manufacturing costs, turnaround time, and more. But it is always a good idea to cooperate with a reputable and experienced PCB supplier, in this blog, we have provided the following list of the top 10 PCB suppliers in Thailand for your reference, let us read on.

A List of Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Thailand

Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Thailand

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd was founded in September 2001. With more than 20 years of experience in the PCB industry, now it has grown up to be one of the best PCB suppliers in Thailand. Spread across 140,000 square meters, Apex Circuit employs over 7,000 people who manufacture high-quality PCB boards for customers in many different industries. They are specialized in the fabrication of rigid printed circuit boards, double-sided PCBs, and multi-layer boards, certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949. They are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable PCBs while providing customers with competitive prices and on-time delivery.

Established time 2001
Products and services rigid PCB, double-sided PCBs, and multi-layer boards
Company website

Amallion Enterprise (Thailand) Corp.,ltd

Amallion Enterprise (T) Corp Ltd is one of the most reliable printed circuit board manufacturers in Thailand. Their group chairman is a pioneer in PCB manufacturing in Malaysia who founded AE Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd in 1987. Taking advantage of the potential of the Thai market, the p chairman established Amallion Enterprise (T) Corp Ltd in Thailand in 1999 to expand manufacturing capacity. This company has strong PCB manufacturing capabilities and rich professional knowledge. Since its establishment, they have been providing cost-effective and high-quality PCB services to customers. This company has partnered with major global brands like Samsung, Sharp, LG, Delta, and Toshiba to supply the printed circuit boards used in countless household devices and electronics. You’ll find their PCBs powering everything from remote controls and power supply units to a wide range of other applications.

Established time 1999
Location  Praksa, Muang, Samutprakarn, Thailand
Products and services  Single sided and Carbon PCB, Carbon through hue and Silver through hue
Company website

Autech Thailand

Autech Thailand was originally established in Taiwan in 1978, when it was the first PCB drilling subcontracting company in Taiwan, and moved to Thailand in the 1990s. Since then, it has started to provide full coverage PCB manufacturing services from PCB fabrication to PCB assembly and testing. With over 12,800 square meters of land and 5,400 square meters of production facilities, Autech specializes in double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. Drawing on their decades of experience in the industry, they’re able to deliver top-notch, cost-effective PCB solutions to customers across the globe. Whether it’s double-sided or multilayer boards you need, you can count on their expertise to provide quality products that meet your requirements.

Established time 1990
Location Takham Bangpakong,Chachoengsao   Thailand
Products and services  Double and multilayer PCB
Company website

Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in Pathum Thani, Thailand in 2003, mainly to provide customers with high-quality, fast-turnaround printed circuit board (PCBA) assembly services, specializing in surface mount, through-hole assembly, and mix technology. They are also a subcontract manufacturer of services for the electronics industry, in addition to PCB assembly services, they also provide PCB fabrication services, box build assembly, in-circuit, and functional tests, raw material procurement, and other services. With their competitive prices and punctual delivery time, they are one of the most popular Thailand PCB suppliers.

Established time 2003
Location Pathum Thani, Thailand
Products and services PCB fabrication and assembly, box build assembly,
Company website

Bluechips Microhouse Co., Ltd

Located in Northern Thailand, Bluechips Microhouse is a highly professional PCB supplier that provides customized PCB services. What’s more, this company provides full box-build products for customers in a variety of industries such as medical, IoT, electronics, and so on. Their production site is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery including SMT lines, wave soldering, and selective soldering machines. Leveraging strong and flexible production capacities, they are capable of handling any mix or volume of product at fast turnaround times. In addition, this company has strict quality control for their products as they are a German-owned company, which means working with them allows you to get high-quality products at competitive prices.

Established time 1999
Location  Chiang Mai, Thailand
Products and services full box-build products including engineering, PCB assembly, and testing
Company website

Circuit Industries Co., Ltd

Established in 1990, Circuit Industries Co., Ltd. is a top-tier printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer in Thailand, with 65 million baht of registered capital. It specializes in fabricating a variety of printed circuit boards, including single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, Multilayer PCB, Aluminum PCB, etc. Its factory covers an area of 7200 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to deliver products at fast turnaround times, no matter it is prototypes or high-volume production. More importantly, they put high attention to quality control, from the selection of raw materials to stringent inspection at every procedure. They follow high industry standards and obtained certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, IATF 16949:2016, and TLS 8001:2010.

Established time 1990
Location Omnoi Krathumban 74130 Thailand
Products and services  Single Sided PCB, double sided PCB, multilayer PCB, High Frequency  PCB
Company website

Draco PCB Public Company Limited

Draco PCB was founded by Chin Poon Industrial Taiwan and Viptel Co., Ltd in 1989, and they were successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1994. And now it becomes a leading PCB supplier in Thailand and even in the whole of Southeast Asia. This company has rich experience in providing all kinds of circuit boards and specializes in manufacturing single-sided, double-sided silver through-the-hole, double-sided plated through-hole rigid PCBs. “Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service, Safety, Efficiency, Environment, and Execution” is what drives them forward, making them keep making progress and becoming a PCB supplier that satisfies all customers.

Established time 1989
Location Pathum Thani, Thailand
Products and services  Types of PCB manufacturing, single-sided, double-sided PCB, PCB assembly.

KCE Group

KCE Group, formerly known as Kuang Charoen Electronics Company, was established in 1983. At present, the group has grown into a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It owns four companies, namely KCE Electronics, KCE Technology, and KCE International, which are mainly engaged in the PCB business, and Thai Laminate Manufacturing Company, which produces raw materials. In addition to producing PCBs and providing PCB customization services, the group also has a PCB distribution business. The PCBs they produce comply with ISO, TS 16949, and IPC standards and are used in various industries including automotive, industrial, telecom, etc.

Established time 1983
Location  Lat Krabang, Bangkok
Products and services PCB fabrication, PCB raw materials manufacturing
Company website

Shye Feng Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Shye Feng Enterprise (Thailand) Company is established in January 1990, it is a well-known PCB supplier in Thailand, specializing in providing single-layer printed circuit boards. Their factory covers an area of 8,680 square meters, and 300 well-trained employees work here. Boasting a monthly production capacity of up to 120,000 square meters, this PCB supplier offers speedy and affordable PCB manufacturing services. Whether you need a small batch order or large-scale production run, they have the capabilities to deliver quality boards in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Their high monthly output means you get your finished circuit boards fast without breaking the bank. And their flexible service and 24-hour quick response make them one of the most popular Thailand PCB suppliers

Established time 1990
Location  Ampur Muang, Samutsakhorn,74000
Products and services PCB prototypes, single-layered PCB mass production
Company website

Trinity Electronics (Thailand) LTD.

TRINITY ELECTRONICS was established in May 2005 and has 17 years of experience in handling a wide range of printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies from simple to complex. In addition, they offer box build, wire harness assembly, and PCB stencil services. They have a highly skilled workforce and high-tech equipment, which enables them to handle small to high-volume production and ensure on-time delivery. TRINITY ELECTRONICS complies with the ISO9001 quality management system and all processes are carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that its products meet high-quality standards.

Established time 2005
Location  Klongluang Pathumthni 12120, Thailand
Products and services PCB assembly, box build and wire harness assembly
Company website
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Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions.
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