12 Layer PCB

The 12 Layer PCB board offers the foundation for a modern automotive electronic circuit. They help to fast track reliable interconnections. They serve many purposes such as assembling of electronic ignition systems, electronic lam driving, transmission control units, navigation systems and other vehicle components.

The 12 Layer PCB is designed to withstand high temperatures and stressful conditions. The primary material used is polyimide; it is an organic material that offers a high amount of heat resistance.

MOKO Technology makes use of Gold as the surface finish material because it helps to withstand adverse environmental uses. In addition, we have added a heat sink to make the PCB easy to dissolve in high temperature applications. 12 Layer PCB can attain thermal stresses at 288℃ & 20 Sec. While the impedance tolerance control is around +/-10%. We offer custom PCB designs for different surface finish preferences such as lead-free HASL, carbon ink, immersion tin, and sliver.

12 Layer PCB Stack Up and Thickness

12 Layer stack up deals with specific requirements for tracking heights and material thickness in producing multi-layer Printed Circuit Board.

The main material used in 12 layers design is Pre-Preg, which consists of resin-treated glass, used for filling gaps foils and cores of the external layer apart from bonding layers. To design the outer layer, foils of copper with various weight (0.5 ounces or more) are used.

Most times the 12 Layer PCB board is produced efficiently on a 1.6mm thick board. There are more 14 to 16 layer boards fabricated into 1.6mm thick boards, while the number of 12 layer PCB produced is limited to the manufacturers which produce HDI boards. There is an increase in the number of HDI boards produced.

When compared with other multi-layer circuit boards such as 6 Layer circuit boards, 8 Layer circuit boards, and 10 Layer circuit boards, the price of the12 layer PCB is low and affordable.

12 Layer PCB Parameter with Heat Sink

Model: 12L PCB
Board Thickness: 2.0 mm
Min. Line Width/ Spacing: 3/3 mil
Solder mask/ Silkscreen Color: Green/White
Surface Finishing: Gold
Copper Thickness: 1/H…H/1OZ
Min. Hole Size: 3mil (0.076mm)
Base Material: 12L, FR4, TG170

Since the 12 Layer printed circuit boards includes a heat sink, it offers the opportunity to attain thermal stresses of 288 °C and 20 Sec. The most exceptional feature of such PCB is that they have an active ± 10% impedance control tolerance. We offer PCB custom designed with different surface finish choices to select from, include immersion tin, lead-free HASL, and sliver. As per our experience, we strongly recommend using gold as a finish because it helps deliver consistent and reliable application environment performance. Our based material used for PCBs includes 12L, TG170, and FR4.
MOKO Technology strive to offer the best quality PCB, and the 12 layers fabrication from us are of high industrial standards. We provide these high-quality printed circuit boards at affordable prices in China.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, based on your requirements and our experienced team will support you in designing and producing PCB that suit your specifications.

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