16 Layer PCB

Some types of PCB, like 16 Layer PCB, consist of multiple layers. The multi-layered PCB is important for some electronics on the advanced levels. This is where one side is in a reverse position, and all the other sides have space for other parts.

What is the Basic Stack up of 16 Layer PCB Board?

16 Layer stack up has 16 layers of routing and is used in general for highly dense designs. In the EDA applications, the routing technology is not generally capable of routing the design to completion. That is why manufacturers add multiple layers.

  • The 16 Layer PCB fabrication, made of 16 layers, is made from halogen-free material, aluminium, CEM and, FR
  •  Board thickness extends up to 7 mm
  • Maximum finished board size is 500 x 500 mm thick
  • The surface finish treatment is also Halogen-free with gold and silver plating
Basic Features of 16 Layer PCB from MOKO Technology

Advanced 16 Layer PCB design from MOKO technology has the highest ratio of the thickness of the board and the diameter for hole – 16:1.

Innovative and precision-based technology for laser depth control is in integration for achieving groove steps on multiple levels on the structure of products. It meets varying levels of requirements for the assembly.

With advanced buried resistance and capacitor of the 16 Layer printed circuit board, there is better performance. Moreover, there is more reliability, and service life of the sixteen layered PCB.

Moreover, MOKO Technology strictly follows ISO guidelines, is UL certified, and follows adequate steps to maintain customer’s confidentiality. It does so through protecting private information.

Why Choose MOKO Technology for 16 Layer PCB?

From manufacturing to designing, from the layout to fabrication, our highly professional experts at MOKO Technology hold exceptional expertise in creating the perfect PCB manufacturing for all our customers that comes with highly advanced technology.

We never compromise on the core managerial system, personnel management, and our equipment when it comes to delivering good quality PCB for our customers. In addition to this, we also provide you with the choice to have up to 16 layers for your convenience that will make your job even easier.

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