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Material: FR-4
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Copper thickness: 1oz
Solder Mask Color:
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You can also email us your Gerber, drill, and readme files (.zip) directly (include your contact info). Read our PCB Quote FAQ.  

Online PCB Quote FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our PCB Online Quote is the most flexible and user friendly printed circuit board quoting tool in the PCB industry. Here you will find some Questions and Answers to help assist you during your online PCB quoting process.

Q: What if I need to cancel my order?

A: A prorated cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders depending on fabrication status at the time of cancellation. Orders are subject to 100% cancellation fee. Please contact your Salesperson immediately and follow up with a fax or e-mail to confirm and provide written record for any verbal cancellation.

Q: Where should I send my files to get a Instant PCB Quote; or place an order?

A: For QUOTING, you have 2 Easy Options: